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How to test a Sage Enterprise Management, Sage X3 Web Service of Type Subprogram Using SOAPUI.

By Sandra Moralejo July 3, 2018

You have a web service (WS) working as expected, you made a minor change and all of the sudden the WS is not working anymore…What do you..

How to Decide What Software Your Business Needs and How to Implement It

By Ralph Ceccarelli June 28, 2018

In an increasingly tech-savvy world, business software is becoming less of an option and more of a requirement to keep your company..

How the Right Software Can Help With Distribution

By Sonia Ferrera June 26, 2018



The distribution industry is more competitive than ever. To maintain or grow your market dominance, you want to have the right software..

5 Common Cloud Security Issues and How to Resolve Them

By Raul Cabarga June 21, 2018

While cloud computing offers several benefits, it also has some security issues that may be a concern. If you're thinking about..

4 Things to Consider When Evaluating Your IT Hosting Needs

By Raul Cabarga June 19, 2018

IT hosting services provide a wealth of benefits, from affordable implementation to automatic updates and off-site management. Your host..

Optimizing Sage Enterprise Management (X3) Code. Comparison between FOR and READ instructions

By Sandra Moralejo June 14, 2018


We are currently creating a new Rebate module for a client. This module calculates the best net rebate cost for each line entered during..

Working With Remote Teams: The Benefits of Electronic Invoicing

By Ralph Ceccarelli June 12, 2018

Remote teams can give your products and services a global presence. When you're working with remote teams, you want to streamline your..

On Premise Versus The Cloud: Which is Better for Your IT Hosting Needs?

By Raul Cabarga June 7, 2018


Adoption of cloud computing is on the rise, with 79 percent of IT managers and leaders reporting at least one cloud project underway or..

Cloud Computing and the Power of Simplicity

By Ralph Ceccarelli June 5, 2018

Cloud computing is increasing in popularity, and for good reason. Working in the cloud allows companies to simplify many aspects of their..

How to Increase Employee Productivity

By Sonia Ferrera May 31, 2018

Employee productivity is the key factor that ultimately determines how much return you'll see on the investment in company workers...

4 Ways to Simplify Reporting

By Ralph Ceccarelli May 29, 2018


Generating reports is a key function in any business. Reports provide the essential details that ultimately determine whether you're..

Providing Better Customer Service to International Clients

By Sonia Ferrera May 24, 2018

Customer service is important to shoppers around the globe, but the definition of stellar service varies by country. If you're serving an..