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How the Right Software Can Help With Distribution



The distribution industry is more competitive than ever. To maintain or grow your market dominance, you want to have the right software to help your business with distribution. This technological tool can be critical for making sure that all the tasks involved with distribution are handled accurately and quickly. Consider why choosing quality distribution software could be the smartest decision you make for your business this year.




How the Right Software Can Help With Distribution


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Inventory is one of the main factors that affect your reputation as a distributor. Consumers are expecting faster delivery thanks to quick shipping turnarounds offered by major suppliers. To make sure you can stay relevant in a competitive market, you need to be able to access updated inventory details at any moment during the day. With advanced software such as Sage Enterprise Management, formerly Sage X3, you can manage inventory across multiple warehouses with cloud-based tracking while automating many of the inventory management tasks your staff deals with on a daily basis.



Simplify Shipping

After inventory management, the shipping process is the next big piece of the puzzle for businesses in the distribution industry. Tracking hundreds or thousands of shipments each week is increasingly complex, which is why you need the right software to keep tabs on each product that leaves your warehouses. 


Sage X3 streamlines the entire shipping process with advanced technology that's easy to use and which automates many key shipping tasks. Features such as rate shopping, web-based shipment tracking, and customer e-mail shipment notifications are must-haves when it comes to saving money on shipping costs while keeping customers satisfied.



Price Products Strategically

Pricing and promoting products is one of the key features to look for in distribution software for your business. If you're managing hundreds of products in your inventory, you won't find an easy way to research proper pricing without the help of technology. 


The right software can help you with a price structure through ongoing competitive analysis, allowing you to adjust prices as necessary to attract more customers. You should also look for promotion management tools that can evaluate the best time to promote or discount certain products. These features can help you increase profits by taking advantage of seasonality, holidays, and other factors driving consumer spending.



Keep Customers Coming Back

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers is key for developing repeat business. Make sure you choose distribution software that handles after-sales service to ensure that your customers develop trust in your company and return to make additional purchases in the future. From follow-up emails to handling merchandise returns and customer loyalty programs, distribution software can help you manage these important tasks in a number of ways. Make sure that your customers get the high level of service they deserve by investing in the right software for your company.


Are you ready to improve your distribution business with new software? Consider the great features available from Sage Enterprise Management, Sage X3 which can be customized to assist your specific business distribution needs.






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