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Sonia Ferrera

Tips to Market Entry When Expanding Your Business to Mexico

By Sonia Ferrera July 30, 2019

Expanding your business outside of the United States' borders is exciting. But, it can also be a challenge. Set your company up for better..

Tax Compliance is Easy With Avalara

By Sonia Ferrera July 9, 2019

Tax compliance can feel like one of the trickiest parts of running your business. Fortunately, Avalara software exists to help you with..

Are You Losing Money on Your Assets?

By Sonia Ferrera July 2, 2019

When you're dealing with fixed assets, you'll want to have the Sage Fixed Assets software in your toolbox. Sage offers simplified..

Evolution of the Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical industries

By Sonia Ferrera May 15, 2019

The medical devices and pharmaceutical industries are evolving at a rapid pace as the population ages and we discover new and better ways..

4 Programs that Could Benefit Your Mexican Business

By Sonia Ferrera May 10, 2019

Headquartering your business in Mexico can be extremely advantageous, particularly for business owners who wish to lower their tax burden..

How Your Cosmetics Business Can Alleviate Supply Chain and Distribution Challenges

By Sonia Ferrera April 23, 2019

Businesses in the cosmetics industry face a number of obstacles when it comes to keeping their costs low and their profits high. There's a..

Automating Your Manufacturing Operations With Scanco

By Sonia Ferrera April 18, 2019

Running a manufacturing business isn't easy. Aside from your typical business management needs, manufacturing involves detailed inventory..

3 Ways Altec's DocLink Can Benefit Your Business

By Sonia Ferrera April 9, 2019

“DocLink is the only way we know how to operate,” said Juan Carlos Agosto, the executive director of Economo Supermarket. “After a few..

Acumatica for Better Customer Service

By Sonia Ferrera March 12, 2019

Many companies focus most of their energy on producing excellent products and services. While that's an admirable achievement, it's..

How to Process SAGE X3 1099’s

By Sonia Ferrera February 28, 2019

A 1099 is an official form that reports yearly numbers to suppliers for purchase invoices and payments made throughout the calendar year...

4 Software Implementation Mistakes You Want to Avoid

By Sonia Ferrera February 19, 2019

Implementing a new software program in your company is a major job, and one that deserves proper planning and consideration. If you..

Streamline Your Cosmetics and Fragrance Distribution With Sage X3

By Sonia Ferrera February 12, 2019

The cosmetics and fragrance industries are more competitive than ever. To keep up with consumer demands while keeping your costs low, you..