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4 Software Implementation Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Implementing a new software program in your company is a major job, and one that deserves proper planning and consideration. If you approach implementation in a haphazard manner, you can run into many stumbling blocks. From slowing down the process to missing out on powerful features and functionality, there are several issues that you can avoid if you're careful not to make these common mistakes.





Rushing Through Implementation


Implementation of a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can take upwards of a year when done right. Transitioning to a new software system isn't something that you can rush. You'll run into more snags and slow-downs that way than you will if you're patient and steady with this process. Working closely with your software provider, you should be able to come up with a reasonable schedule for implementation that gives each department ample time to integrate their existing processes, procedures, and information while acclimating to the new technological surroundings.



Overwhelming Personnel With Implementation Tasks


To achieve your desired go-live date, you need to free up adequate man hours for critical implementation tasks. If your employees are bogged down with other day-to-day tasks on top of the implementation project, they're likely to fall behind. Don't overlook the value of having a dedicated staff member focused solely on implementation. Asking employees to multitask throughout the process is a mistake that will slow you down.



Retaining Old Business Processes


It's tempting to try to force your existing business processes to fit into the mold of a new software program, but this may cause you to miss the full capabilities of your new system.  If your new software system provides advanced functionality to update your processes, don't hesitate to revisit the way you get things done. Avoid the mistake of missing out on the full benefits of a new program by expecting everything to operate in the old way.



Overlooking Cloud-Based Options


The cloud is increasingly becoming the go-to solution for collaboration, file storage, and ERP systems. Information Age shows that by working within the cloud, you can make essential tools and information available both in the office and to remote employees. Though you may be more familiar with on-site software and hardware solutions, don't make the mistake of overlooking the benefits the cloud can offer.



Providing Surface-Level Training


Too often, companies focus on covering the day-to-day essentials of using a new program without diving deeper into the product's potential. If you don't take the time to engage your employees in thorough software training, you'll miss out on the opportunity to make full use of advanced features. For example, an azcentral article shows how global companies can implement such training. Regularly evaluate how you're using your new software, and make sure you're taking full advantage of the possibilities that are available to you.


If you're planning to implement a new software program, proper planning is critical to your overall success. Take the time to think through the entire implementation procedure before you begin so you can sidestep common mistakes and make the most of your software upgrade.




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