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Automating Your Manufacturing Operations With Scanco

Running a manufacturing business isn't easy. Aside from your typical business management needs, manufacturing involves detailed inventory management. Keeping track of your company's products and pricing can be difficult and overwhelming, especially if the business is growing and you're facing high demand. Here's how using Scanco's automation solutions for your manufacturing operations can help you better manage and grow your business. 



What Is Scanco?


Scanco is a company that provides automation solutions for manufacturing companies, warehouses, and distribution centers in combination with the Sage ERP (enterprise resource planning) platform. For more than 30 years, Scanco has been streamlining processes and offering products to help businesses better manage their inventories. With mobile automation solutions as well as new hardware to be used in the warehouse, everyone who needs access to inventory information can have it at their fingertips. 


Using the innovative solutions offered by Scanco and Sage, warehouse managers have top technology on their side for more streamlined processes and better checks and balances. With these programs in play, you can account for and track inventory at all times. Whether your business needs support in the basics of creating barcodes for products or for complicated manufacturing processes, Scanco can help.



How Does Scanco Help Businesses in Manufacturing?


A huge part of running a successful manufacturing operation is having a strong inventory management process. Scanco offers automation solutions in inventory management that allow for quick and easy scanning, tracking, and replenishing. Manufacturing businesses don't just keep track of warehouses, they also need to manage the many aspects of the production process. 


Whether you're handling production or shipping, you'll need to keep a good handle on moves and completions. Scanco and Sage allow managers to complete subassemblies and orders for make-to-stock items when they're needed on the floor. This keeps the workflow moving and your inventory well-stocked at all times. 


With Scanco's warehouse management and multi-bin solutions, businesses benefit from an all-encompassing program. These automation programs offer task management solutions for the shop floor and labor tracking capabilities. If you can keep a close eye on labor, you can make sure your labor costs line up well with your pricing and manufacturing processes. Labor tracking also allows managers to see where a particular product is in the manufacturing process and who is currently working on it. 


In the past, businesses have faced issues with automation solutions such as those Scanco offers because of connectivity problems. Some hardware required regular syncing to provide up-to-date information, so if an employee forgot to sync after completing a task or inventory scan, their work could be lost. Scanco's systems implement a continuous syncing feature that ensures information is always saved and immediately available.  


No matter the size or type of manufacturing business you manage, Scanco's solutions can help everything run more efficiently and effectively. Scanco offers a wide range of resources and plenty of information, so you can make sure you're giving your business and employees what they need to succeed.




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