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Streamline Your Cosmetics and Fragrance Distribution With Sage X3

The cosmetics and fragrance industries are more competitive than ever. To keep up with consumer demands while keeping your costs low, you need a software system that can take your business to the next level. It's time to move beyond basic accounting software to get a system that truly addresses your distribution needs. Take a closer look at how Sage X3 can provide the streamlined processes you need to increase profitability and reduce costs.






Are complicated accounting tasks slowing down your distribution efforts? Streamline these financial processes with Sage X3. This software is designed to be programmed for all kinds of accounting-related needs, including reconciling your books with your bank statements, locating errors and differences, correcting records, and detecting unrecorded transactions. All those tasks that would take hours for an employee to complete can now be handled in minutes by Sage EM. Plus, you minimize the risk for errors when you rely on finely tuned software for this type of work.


Budgeting and planning are also easy to manage through Sage EM software. You can make the most of every dollar allotted in your budget when you use Sage to manage your profits. This ensures that your distribution systems are as cost-effective as possible so your products can get where they need to go for the lowest possible fees.



Keep an Eye on Your Supply Chain

Some businesses focus on selling only a handful of products. With cosmetics and fragrance companies, however, you're often dealing with dozens or even hundreds of products. Between different scents and sizes for fragrances and all kinds of colors and types of cosmetics, it's tough to keep track of such a diverse inventory of products.


With Sage X3, it's easy to track your supply chain every step of the way, even if there are thousands of individual items being shipped, stocked, or processed. All of that data is kept up-to-date through cloud computing, so you're never receiving obsolete information or putting together an incorrect report. You can quickly view the stats for any part of your supply chain whenever you need it.



Pull Together Quick, Efficient Reports

With all the information about your supply chain so readily available, reporting is made simple with the help of Sage X3. This software allows you to analyze, filter, and aggregate data quickly and efficiently to put together detailed, accurate reports in minutes. With helpful reports like these, it's easier to make informed decisions about your distribution processes.


While you can always pull data for specific purposes, Sage X3 also allows for automatic reporting. You can schedule and distribute reports using specific data sets according to your unique needs. Whether it's a weekly review of your inventory movement or a monthly overview of distribution numbers, these automatic reports allow you to accurately gauge your company's efforts in any area.



Give your fragrance or cosmetic company the boost it needs to stay competitive in your industry with Sage X3. This software will help optimize your distribution efforts so your profits can climb more rapidly.




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