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Does Your Business Need Custom Software Programming?

For many businesses, an out-of-the-box ERP software solution is sufficient. This type of software comes “as is” and has the benefit of being ready to launch right away. However, a quick fix like this isn't necessarily the right choice for your company. The following signs will help you figure out whether you need a custom ERP system to meet your business needs.




You Expect Significant Growth in the Coming Years


You Expect Significant Growth in the Coming Years


If your business is growing rapidly, it's important to find a software solution that can adapt to your changing business needs. A standardized ERP system could become obsolete for your company in just a few years if it's not scalable. Choosing a customized ERP solution will give you the flexibility you need to continue expanding your business without worrying about whether your software can keep up.


On the other hand, a business that's well-established without any dramatic growth expected in the near future may be well-served by out-of-the-box ERP software. At this type of company, the ERP will continue working seamlessly for years if you don't have any major changes to your processes or systems.



Your Business Doesn't Require Many Standard ERP Features


The ERP software that arrives as is may have lots of features and add-ons that you really don't need. This can create a bloated system that can actually bog down some of your most critical tasks and processes at work. If you use custom ERP software, however, you'll have a much more streamlined experience that can help employees be as productive and efficient as possible. Instead, you'll have the exact functions and applications that you need, each of which is tailored to work precisely as you need it to.


For companies with fairly straightforward business processes, standard ERP software could be an excellent fit. If you plan to use most of the included functions and features, you might not need customization for your software.



You Need Specific Features Lacking in Standard Software Options


Does your business have very specific or unique needs when it comes to computing? Perhaps you need to track certain data or manage your inventory in a way that's different from most businesses. In these cases, the standard ERP features might not suffice. But with custom ERP software, you can get applications that are built solely for your business. These types of enhancements can help your business to become more successful in the long run.


This is one area where many businesses find that a custom ERP solution really is the best choice for them. The possibilities are practically endless when you have a talented team ready to engineer custom solutions just for your needs. Be sure to carefully consider what types of personalized features could benefit your business before settling for standard software.


Custom enhancement can make all the difference when it comes to your company's ERP software. With Sage EM, for example, you can utilize out-of-the-box software or change processes and make adjustments to customize it to your needs.


If you think that your business could benefit from tailored computing solutions, contact Southeast Computer Solutions to discover a wide range of products that can be modified with everything from small operational modifications to entire functional module suites.



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