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3 Ways Altec's DocLink Can Benefit Your Business

“DocLink is the only way we know how to operate,” said Juan Carlos Agosto, the executive director of Economo Supermarket. “After a few weeks, you kind of wonder how you could do without it,” added Clifford Oginski, of Arrow Transportation Sys. Inc, another satisfied DocLink user. 





They are just some of the professionals who sing DocLink's praises. Join them and discover how Altec's flagship document management and process automation program can benefit your business in the following ways.


Improve Productivity

Despite the rise of computer technology, paper documents and records are ubiquitous in most industries. However, when your employees use paper, they're wasting time. Digital records, like those created through DocLink, are easily retrievable. This software puts an end to searching through file cabinets or piles of paper for important documents, which in 15 percent of cases are misfiled or misplaced, according to Coopers and Lybrand. It takes workers approximately 18 minutes to locate important paper documents, significantly longer than retrieving digital files. By streamlining document management processes, DocLink helps your employees get on with more important tasks.


DocLink also allows your employees to automate certain processes, including sending notifications, renewing contracts, and making regular payments. With less need for hands-on tasks, employees can work more efficiently and direct their focus to more pressing areas.


DocLink also reduces the risk that your employees will lose productivity after a natural disaster. Paper records are vulnerable to damage from natural disasters like fires and floods. DocLink keeps your documents safe, helping you and your employees get back to productive work sooner in the event of disasters like these.



Save Money

A ream of paper is a relatively minor business expense, but don't confuse that cost with the actual cost of using paper in the workplace. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency estimates the cost of using paper at work is between 13 and 31 times more than the original purchase price, even before labor is factored in. With DocLink, your company can significantly reduce these costs associated with copying, printing, storage, postage, recycling, and waste disposal. These cost savings could dramatically decrease your company's spending and improve its bottom line.



Become More Environmentally Friendly

DocLink's paperless processes help businesses operate more sustainably. Using less paper saves trees and reduces greenhouse gases. Adopting more eco-friendly operating practices helps your business improve its reputation at a time when consumers are increasingly concerned with corporate ethics. Recent studies show two-thirds of shoppers consider sustainability before purchasing products. Generation Z is the most concerned about eco-friendly practices, with ethical business and manufacturing processes more important than price and availability for these green shoppers.


DocLink can help your company go paperless and operate in a more sustainable way. This positions your business not just as a green organization, but one that's caring and responsible. These attributes resonate with customers and make them more likely to stay loyal to your brand.


Altec's DocLink helps companies in a wide range of industries gain a competitive advantage. Discover these and many other benefits when your business adopts this technology.




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