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Acumatica for Better Customer Service

Many companies focus most of their energy on producing excellent products and services. While that's an admirable achievement, it's important to make sure you're not neglecting other key facets of your business, especially customer service. Even with stellar services and products, you can't retain customers if you don't provide the support they need. With Acumatica, however, you can manage customer accounts efficiently while also managing leads, contacts, and opportunities for your business. Learn how this customer relationship management software works to discover why Acumatica might be just what your company needs to thrive.



Providing the best customer service starts with being accessible. With Acumatica, you can reduce response times and improve customer satisfaction. This platform allows for quick replies at any point, from your first contact through sales and fulfillment, billing, and after-sale service requests. Responding to customer questions and concerns rapidly can help encourage repeat business. If you want to increase customer loyalty and develop a strong reputation for your brand, this customer management solution is a must-have.


Track Customer Data

Tailor your marketing campaigns and responses to each customer by using Acumatica to track their data. You'll have easy access to their order histories and previous customer service interactions. Company representatives can use this information to provide better experiences when interacting via phone, email, or chat. Tracking for every request ensures proper follow-up and attributes each task to a specific team member. 



Offer 24/7 Access

Don't make your customers wait for your business hours to access their info. Acumatica offers customer access 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a self-service portal. Customers can create new support cases or check on the latest updates to their cases at any time through this online access point. Offering ongoing virtual access helps reduce customer frustration when issues pop up outside of regular business hours and helps individuals feel empowered.



Integrate Marketing Efforts

Improving conversion rates is much easier with tools like Acumatica. This customer relationship management software is designed to collect customer data seamlessly behind the scenes. This personalized approach to service provides your business with a wealth of helpful information for tracking customer habits so you can customize your marketing strategies according to various groups or individuals. You can design email discounts and targeted advertisements with this data in mind.



Automate Your Sales Strategy

It's easy to follow up on leads and get a complete view of all your current sales opportunities with Acumatica. This customer relationship management (CRM) software tracks all your contacts and interactions so you can improve the sales management process from every angle. Use this tool to help influence sales decisions and create organized lead assignments with a clear workflow for your sales team to follow.


Acumatica is a complete customer relationship management suite that makes web-based customer service easy and efficient. If you're a small- or mid-sized business, contact Southeast Computer Solutions to discover how this CRM software can improve and simplify your business operations.



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