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Are You Losing Money on Your Assets?

When you're dealing with fixed assets, you'll want to have the Sage Fixed Assets software in your toolbox. Sage offers simplified fixed-asset tracking. You'll have the chance to make use of comprehensive depreciation calculations and keep track of your assets, from the planning stage onward.



What Is Sage Fixed Assets?

This fixed assets management software is an essential tool when it comes to maximizing monetary benefits from tax deductions. Sage software helps you calculate the most profitable and valuable depreciation your company has.


Sage gives you  control over your fixed assets. It’s a standalone fixed assets  application that integrates with your system. Sage Fixed Assets  provides insight on the best depreciation method to use, you'll save  money each year when you implement these fixed assets software. Three components of Sage Fixed Assets are: Sage Fixed Assets-Planning, Sage Fixed Assets-Depreciation, and Sage Fixed Assets-Tracking.



Sage Fixed Assets-Planning

Making the most of your fixed assets means incorporating Sage Fixed Assets to your planning. This includes accounting for fixed assets even before they become fixed assets, such as projects that are in the process of being built, upgraded, or renovated. Examples of this include building renovations and machinery upgrades.


With Sage Fixed Assets-Planning, you can manage as many projects as necessary, no matter their size or type. You'll have access to many levels of detailed tracking alongside various built-in reports, such as project status. When  those in-progress assets become actual assets, you can  convert them within Sage Fixed Assets-Depreciation.



Sage Fixed Assets-Depreciation

No matter how big or small your organization, managing fixed assets in terms of compliance can feel daunting. Letting compliance slip can be costly, and even small changes in tax and financial rules and exemptions can spell significant cost savings when done right, and costly  penalties when done wrong. Managing fixed assets effectively requires detailed administrative tasks. Let Sage Fixed Assets do the work for you.


Thanks to an intuitive user interface, you'll have the flexibility to manage the full life cycle of fixed assets, from acquisition to transfers to disposals, this includes both private and public organizations. This software provides the tools to prepare year-end financials, calculate depreciation, allocate costs, and store digital images of key asset records, all while cutting down on redundant and time-consuming data entry.



Sage Fixed Assets-Tracking

Sage Fixed Assets-Tracking can help you tackle the management of a physical inventory of fixed assets. It's essential to accurately manage inventory of fixed assets to ensure the reliability of fixed-asset accounting.


Though the work might have seemed overwhelming before, Sage Fixed Assets makes managing your inventory manageable thanks to "wizards" that guide you through each step of the process of tracking inventory. This eliminates lost or stolen assets. Sage Fixed Assets-Tracking also integrates with Sage Fixed Assets-Depreciation, keep all your information in one database eliminating double entries while you make sure your asset data are always in sync and mitigating data entry errors


Don't tackle tracking your fixed assets without Sage Fixed Assets software. From planning to management, this software simplifies dealing with your assets!



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