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Sandra Moralejo

How to test a Sage Enterprise Management, Sage X3 Web Service of Type Subprogram Using SOAPUI.

By Sandra Moralejo July 3, 2018

You have a web service (WS) working as expected, you made a minor change and all of the sudden the WS is not working anymore…What do you..

Optimizing Sage Enterprise Management (X3) Code. Comparison between FOR and READ instructions

By Sandra Moralejo June 14, 2018


We are currently creating a new Rebate module for a client. This module calculates the best net rebate cost for each line entered during..

Auditing Fields in Sage X3

By Sandra Moralejo September 26, 2017

Have you ever needed to know the previous value of a field or who changed it and when? When people ask us how to do this, we’re often..