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On Premise Versus The Cloud: Which is Better for Your IT Hosting Needs?


Adoption of cloud computing is on the rise, with 79 percent of IT managers and leaders reporting at least one cloud project underway or planned. If you're considering the cloud for your IT services and solutions, you're not alone. Moving to the cloud is a major step that requires careful thought. Make sure you consider the following essential factors first.





cost consideration

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Pricing models are considerably different for on-premise solutions and cloud computing. With on-site servers, you face a significant upfront expense. You may need to purchase more storage space than is immediately necessary to allow for fast scaling in the future. You're also responsible for all the associated costs including IT staffing, ongoing maintenance, and electricity usage.


Cloud-based solutions are typically cheaper in the short term. You can purchase only what's necessary and scale seamlessly in the future as the need arises. System upgrades, cooling equipment, and other expenses are rolled into the price for your cloud services and don't come as an added cost. In exchange for some of these cost savings, however, you give up a measure of control. Therefore, it's critical that you choose a service provider you trust.



Security Measures


Cloud security is a primary concern for many who are hesitant to migrate to cloud-based solutions for their storage and service needs. In 2017, 49 percent of businesses reported that they were delaying cloud deployment because of a cybersecurity skills gap. Cloud providers are responding by actively improving their security measures. However, only 23 percent of organizations completely trust the cloud to keep their data secure. On-premise hosting gives companies more control over how, when, and where data gets transmitted.



Customization Capabilities


The public cloud offers outstanding economies of scale. This offering leads to improved performance and faster innovation. Cloud-based business intelligence solutions offer powerful functionality that's already won over more than 90 percent of sales and marketing teams. For fast access to feature-packed collaborative solutions, the cloud is the way to go. If you prefer to have a high degree of control over minute details, however, you may find that the cloud falls short of the customization possible with your own on-site implementation.









Migration Matters


Managing migration is a major barrier to cloud adoption. Companies that are satisfied with their current infrastructure may find it particularly difficult to depart from their on-premise solutions in favor of cloud-based systems. Migration can be both costly and complex. In many cases, businesses may find that fully migrating their existing infrastructure to the cloud isn't possible.


Restructuring business management is often the best approach when moving to the cloud. This approach allows for better integration of business solutions and may ultimately equip your business with better tools. Working with a knowledgeable IT consulting team, you can handpick operating systems suited to your distinct needs. However, this time-consuming task is one that you'll need to plan for carefully.


Both cloud computing and on-site solutions offer distinct strengths that are worth considering. Each business must ultimately assess its own needs and preferences to find the best option.






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