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Working With Remote Teams: The Benefits of Electronic Invoicing

Remote teams can give your products and services a global presence. When you're working with remote teams, you want to streamline your activities for optimum efficiency given the limited resources available in remote or mobile work environments. You also need to consider the special requirements of the country you're serving. Electronic invoicing can help you address both considerations.




Working With Remote Teams- The Benefits of Electronic Invoicing


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Legal compliance is one of the most critical reasons to switch to electronic invoicing. Fifty nations now have some type of e-invoicing mandate. If your remote teams are located in these areas, you must ensure that your invoicing meets all local standards. For example, the tax authority in Mexico is among these areas and maintains strict requirements for electronic invoicing. The Mexican Fiscal Requirements Enhancement specifies the proper format for e-invoices and outlines the information that must be provided within these documents.


If you're doing business in Mexico or another country with e-invoicing requirements, you want to have the proper systems and strategies in place to meet government standards. Southeast Computer Solutions provides Sage X3 enhancements that will streamline your electronic invoicing and ensure compliance with the Mexican Fiscal Requirements Enhancement.



Payment Flexibility

Settling invoices electronically typically opens several efficient payment options that may not be as readily available with a paper invoice. Online debit, credit, or ACH payments are popular among consumers. If your company isn't set up to accept these types of payments, you may ultimately lose business from buyers who are seeking an easier way to settle payments. 


With online invoicing and payment processing, you can issue invoices easily and receive quick payments in return. This streamlined process is particularly beneficial for remote teams of individuals who may have access to a smaller workspace or more limited equipment for printing and processing.




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Simplified Processing

Using paper invoices is a complex and time-consuming process. When an invoice is received via mail or email, it must be routed, opened, and manually entered into the recipient's accounts payable system. Sending mail to and from remote teams is a particularly time-consuming chore considering the added distance. The data re-entry alone presents many detractors to this process. Not only does it reduce productivity and efficiency in the accounting department, but it also creates the potential for easy errors. Digital invoices speed processing, improve data capture, and ensure accuracy.



Cost Savings

Electronic invoicing eliminates the need for paper invoices and greatly reduces costs. E-invoicing cuts down on processing requirements and eliminates many time-consuming employee activities, replacing them with automated solutions. This adjustment saves on the number of employee hours devoted to invoicing tasks. 

Going paperless for your invoicing also eliminates the expense associated with paper, ink, envelopes, printer maintenance, and stamps. Government organizations could reduce processing costs up to 90 percent by proceeding with this solution, which is why so many countries are adopting regulations that will push companies in this direction.


With e-invoicing practices in place, you can save time and money while easily staying in line with the local requirements anywhere your remote teams may be placed.







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