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Why You Need Allocation Rules

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum December 20, 2017

Have your warehouse personnel ever complained about being sent to a bin location only to find the location empty? If so, your ERP system..

Why You Need Email Automation

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum December 13, 2017

Email is a necessity for your business, but it can be tedious. Think about the emails your company probably sends, and how email automation..

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Don’t Jump with a Discounted Parachute!

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum December 8, 2017

The first thought most people have when considering a major purchase is, “How much does it cost?” – and we bet you asked yourself when..

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The Importance of Field Tracking Data

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum December 1, 2017

If data is critical to business, you could argue that inputting and maintaining accurate data is the most important job at organizations..

Creating a Function to Call a Requester in Sage X3 V7 and After

By Benjamin Partout November 21, 2017

Saving a few clicks to open something is a good opportunity to showcase the capabilities of a system like Sage X3, so when a client asked..

There's No 'I' in Team (When Implementing an ERP)

By Sonia Ferrera November 14, 2017

Businesses are hiring millennials who have grown up in the age of search engines. Google, Yahoo, online forums, and other internet tools..

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Michael Motley at the Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum November 10, 2017

The free Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce Annual Networking Business Expo will have an extra special exhibit this year – our own Michael..

To Work Order or Not to Work Order?

By Frank Bernal November 7, 2017

When discussing manufacturing, the conversation during pre-sales and scoping usually includes a customer wanting to use work orders...

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Acumatica 2017 R2 Recap

By Michael Motley October 31, 2017

Acumatica, the fastest growing ERP cloud company in the world, released R2 in September 2017.


Southeast Computer Solutions attended the..

How to Switch ERP Partners or Resellers

By Frank Bernal October 30, 2017

It’s a scary position to be in – you’ve gone through the process of selecting an ERP solution but something happens and before, during, or..

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How to Understand Electronic Invoices in 6 Simple Steps

By Oswaldo Jimenez October 23, 2017

In 2004, companies in Mexico started using the electronic invoice. In the beginning, it was an alternative method for large companies that..

Halloween: ‘Tis the Season to be Extra Busy

By Marbely Garcia October 17, 2017

There’s an office to decorate, gifts to buy, goodie bags to prepare, parties to organize, and a ton of other to-dos I have written on the..