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4 Reasons We Love Acumatica (and You Should, too!)


Acumatica users have had plenty to cheer about over the last 12 months, from the release of Acumatica 6 and major UI enhancements to continued flexible licensing and deployment options.


Here are the four biggest reasons Acumatica has us cheering:

Reason #1: Full Functionality

Acumatica is more than a financial or bookkeeping system – it’s a modern, full-featured ERP system that brings together all the critical information of your business operations. No matter whether you’re interacting with customers or vendors, you have the business intelligence you need to make the right decisions.


The addition of automated information flows between CRM and Microsoft Outlook represent Acumatica’s drive to integrate with Microsoft tools, enabling your employees to do more work within their email and other tools they're already familiar with.

Acumatica Webinar 2017

Acumatica also offers global functionality; with multi-lingual data fields, you and your team can store language-specific data and retrieve it in numerous supported languages, making localization easier and adding value to your ERP when operating in international environments.

Reason #2: Flexible Licensing

When you purchase Acumatica, you receive unlimited user licenses, allowing you to share more data with more users in more locations and making you more operationally flexible. And when it’s time to add more users, there’s no need to renegotiate your Acumatica contract – in fact, with Acumatica cloud deployment, there’s no software installation, maintenance fees, hardware fees, or device upgrades required.

Reason #3: Adaptability

Acumatica adapts to the way you do business by offering three different deployment models: public cloud, private cloud, or self-hosted. Acumatica’s system is also fully functional across desktops, the web, and mobile devices, allowing your users to join workflows, grant and receive approvals, and log time and expenses anywhere, anytime.


You can also use Acumatica’s Connected Cloud Platform to add the functionality you desire – a CRM or data visualization, for example – to extend to solutions and applications beyond the ERP system. Another benefit of Acumatica is its simplified third-party integrations, which allows you to find and connect with partners who can boost your business.


In addition, Acumatica allows you to choose and customize what you share; the easily customizable, mobile-enabled dashboards allow you to incorporate information sources to add context, including items like trending charts and tables, web pages, widgets, and alerts – all based on your parameters and in the format of your choice.

Austin's Diving Center (Acumatica) Case Study

Reason #4: Streamlined Operations

Acumatica's database offers real-time data across your entire organization, so every employee sees the same up-to-date version of your critical business data; accurate, up-to-date data facilitates better business decision-making, better forecasting, better financial analysis, and more.


We know you'll love Acumatica because it lets you work the way you want – you can do more with less and gain a competitive advantage with its streamlined operations.


To find out more about Acumatica and what’s possible for your business, contact us today.


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