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Why You Should Migrate to Acumatica Now

By now, we're all familiar with the major cost savings provided by cloud ERP: zero upfront infrastructure costs, reduced IT support, eliminated software licensing, and virtually no maintenance and support costs.


Beyond the cost advantages of the cloud, small and medium-sized businesses need other mission-critical, operational advantages from their ERPs. Acumatica has responded with a cloud ERP solution that provides strategic operating advantages, which is why they're the fastest-growing ERP vendor in the market and the recipient of the coveted BRODiE Award for Best Supply Chain Management Solution in 2016.

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Here are the unique advantages of Acumatica Cloud ERP and why your organization should migrate to Acumatica Cloud ERP as soon as possible.

Ultimate Business Flexibility

Acumatica Cloud ERP delivers a fully-integrated, web-based set of application suites that use a centralized database and run on the same .Net framework, which allows your users to access any of their ERP applications – financial, distribution, and customer management as well as project accounting, for example – with just a web browser.


For further flexibility, Acumatica provides usage-based licensing across the enterprise, so all users with access rights can use any application and are never limited by seat count or application-specific restrictions.


Leveraging a flexible and unified infrastructure with equally flexible licensing allows you to approach the market exactly as you see fit. You can, for example, provide mobile devices for remote office workers so they can interact in real time with everyone across your organization. Your operations are only limited by how you permit application access, which becomes increasingly important as your company’s customer base and supply chain evolve – web-based ERP means you don't have to implement a new infrastructure each time you expand into a new region or purchase from a different supplier.

Improved Data Security

Acumatica Cloud ERP provides its own continuous data backups and a complete disaster recovery plan. With specialists safeguarding and monitoring deployments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Acumatica’s data backup infrastructure and processes far surpass a small or medium-sized business’s ability to secure data on its own servers.


Better data security also comes with having a unified technology stack. Because Acumatica Cloud ERP applications are fully unified, you can grant role-based access to users across all the Acumatica suites as well as other applications you've integrated with Acumatica. Additionally, access roles can be set to varying levels of granularity, depending on an individual user’s role, group, or line level.

Acumatica Webinar 2017

Faster Access to Application Innovations

Many companies begin their Acumatica Cloud ERP deployment using a single solution, enjoying the benefits of a continuous upgrade cycle, then expanding to more cloud applications. This typical cycle results in application innovations they reap in real time; nearly every month, Acumatica enhances application functionality, integrates with a broader set of third-party applications, or improves upon the award-winning, intuitive nature of the applications. Organizations using cloud ERP need do nothing to gain the new capabilities – Acumatica manages everything in conjunction with Southeast Computer Solutions.


We’ve touched on a few core areas of ERP that Acumatica has greatly improved with their cloud ERP solutions. These include business flexibility, security, and faster access to innovation. When you consider gaining advantages in these areas with the elimination of application deployment risk, you quickly see why your organization would benefit from migrating to Acumatica Cloud ERP.


To review the full set of capabilities of Acumatica Cloud ERP, click here. Or contact Southeast Computer Solutions today – one of our representatives would be happy to provide further insights into cloud ERP.


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