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Why It’s Time to Migrate to Sage 100cloud (Sage 100c)

Users of Sage 100 love their software and the functionality of the system. With Sage 100cloud, they can enjoy the same solution and code base while gaining even more from simpler licensing, broader functionality, and a modernized UI.


Sage 100cloud represents a modernization of Sage 100 and is Sage's clear statement to the market that Sage 100cloud is a definitive, long-term solution at a competitive price. 


Given Sage100cloud’s clear position as a ‘solution for today and tomorrow,' we felt it was time to raise awareness among Sage 100 users that now is the right time to consider migrating from Sage 100 and migrate to Sage 100cloud.

The Broader Functionality of Sage 100c

Sage 100cloud is based on the same solution as Sage 100, which is why 100cloud incorporates the new functionality and features from the present (2016) version of Sage 100.


Sage 100cloud, however, also incorporates a broad set of upgrades and features not found in Sage 100, including:


Sage 100cloud will further widen the gap over Sage 100 in 2017 by adding several major areas of functionality that won't appear in Sage 100, such as:


The features unique to Sage 100cloud bring far greater value to your business, including:

Increased Visibility

The easier navigation of 100cloud combined with better search and an improved business insights dashboard means everyone in your organization can access more information faster. Moreover, the advanced personalization and security features make it easier for users to access information when and how they need it. For further comfort using the system, users can even apply custom desktop themes and color schemes.

Improved Efficiency

The inclusion of 100cloud Manufacturing and Sage Inventory Advisor Basics to Sage 100cloud ensures your organization optimizes for both build-to-order and build-to-stock opportunities. At the same time, you can optimize purchase recommendations based on more accurate forecasts that help you determine what to buy and when to buy it. The end results are an increased level of timely order fulfillment and a decrease in both excess stock and stock-outs.

Sage 100c Cheat Sheet

Simpler Licensing

By now, most organizations have adopted subscription-based pricing for many of their business-critical applications. In line with industry standards, Sage 100cloud makes licensing easier with its subscription-based model, doing away with the outdated format of perpetual licensing with maintenance and support. In addition, Sage 100cloud’s new annual subscription-based licensing comes at the same cost for most customers, making internal approvals even easier than they would be for licensing ‘the old way.’


There are many things to love about Sage 100cloud, particularly because there's virtually no risk in migrating to 100cloud from Sage 100. You get the same features and functionality of Sage 100 at the same price and with even greater functionality and usability. So instead of disrupting your business to improve it, leverage Sage 100cloud in 2017 to improve operations and do more of what you do, only faster and easier.


For more information about Sage 100cloud, please contact Southeast Computer Solutions today.

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