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Competitive Advantages of Using the Cloud

The phrase "competitive advantage" can carry different nuances across industries and market segments, but several factors are commonly used to define a competitive advantage across the board.

Some of the robust competitive advantages of using the cloud include:

Speed to Market

While you should be taking enough time in the development of products and services to ensure high quality, you should also be completing and launching new things quickly enough to meet demand. Doing so presents an image of responsiveness and innovation, leading to increased profits and an increased perception of your business's inherent value.

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Customer needs evolve, and consumer trends change, and only businesses that recognize and respond to these cycles quickly will realize a significant advantage.

Multi-channel Market Reach

cloud computing

Yesterday’s sales and marketing techniques are no longer sufficient for technology-savvy customers. Businesses need to expand the ways they reach potential customers by branching out into new areas like internet marketing and social media.




Every business must continuously revisit ways to streamline internal processes and be prepared to make changes, whether that involves a new software system or hiring new employees.

How Does Cloud Computing Enable Competitive Advantage?

By adopting cloud computing, businesses can achieve the aforementioned aspects of a competitive advantage – plus more:

Cost Containment

Reduce your IT expenses by partnering with a cloud vendor that provides a computing environment, as well as, business-critical applications that scale to your needs.


All of your information is now available through the infrastructure of the internet, which means anywhere, anytime. Sales people can be more productive at customer sites while service and support teams become more responsive and efficient.


With cloud computing, you can let your vendors worry about storage capacity, computing power, and security while you focus on other things.

Streamline your internal operations through partnering with cloud computing providers who respond quickly to your changing business requirements.

Each of these cloud-computing characteristics brings value and a competitive advantage to your business through improved efficiency and reduced costs.

Southeast Computer Solutions can help you determine if cloud computing is right for you. Our experienced consultants will show you where technology and application systems align with your business strategies to provide the competitive advantage you're looking for. We can then manage the selection and implementation process to facilitate an easy migration to the cloud.

Contact us for more information.

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Southeast Computer Solutions is based in Miami, Florida, and has additional operations in Mexico. For over 30 years, we have positively impacted the success of small and mid-sized businesses with effective business management implementations that improve our clients’ operations. We listen, we are accessible, and we care. Learn more by visiting our website or calling 305-556-4697.


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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in November 2015 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.



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