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Jaleidy Tannenbaum

SCS Honored as a Member of Bob Scott’s VAR Stars for 2017

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum January 23, 2018

Southeast Computer Solutions was selected as a member of the Bob Scott’s VAR Stars for 2017, a group of 100 midmarket financial software &..

Why You Need Automatic Journals

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum January 17, 2018

If you’ve ever needed to post an out-of-the-ordinary GL posting, chances are that an automatic journal tweak would be sufficient to take..

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Dimensional Accounting Simplifies Reporting

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum December 26, 2017

If you’re using a traditional ERP system, you probably use a segmented chart of accounts, meaning that all reporting elements are part of..

Why Christmas and the Holidays Are So Important to Team SCS

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum December 21, 2017

Sonia Ferrera, the owner and founder of Southeast Computer Solutions, started decorating our office for her birthday many years ago...

Why You Need Allocation Rules

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum December 20, 2017

Have your warehouse personnel ever complained about being sent to a bin location only to find the location empty? If so, your ERP system..

Why You Need Email Automation

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum December 13, 2017

Email is a necessity for your business, but it can be tedious. Think about the emails your company probably sends, and how email automation..

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Don’t Jump with a Discounted Parachute!

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum December 8, 2017

The first thought most people have when considering a major purchase is, “How much does it cost?” – and we bet you asked yourself when..

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The Importance of Field Tracking Data

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum December 1, 2017

If data is critical to business, you could argue that inputting and maintaining accurate data is the most important job at organizations..

Michael Motley at the Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum November 10, 2017

The free Miami Lakes Chamber of Commerce Annual Networking Business Expo will have an extra special exhibit this year – our own Michael..

Register for Our Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) Tips, Tricks, & Tactics Webinar on August 17!

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum August 2, 2017

You use Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) every day, but we’re willing to bet you aren’t making the most of the multitude of features..

4 Processes That Will Improve with an Upgraded ERP

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum June 6, 2017

It may not seem like the best time to upgrade your ERP system, but if you consider the improvements updated software could offer your..

The Difference Between Sage 50 and Sage 100cloud (Sage 100c)

By Jaleidy Tannenbaum May 30, 2017

There are many differences between Sage 50 and Sage 100cloud (Sage 100c). In fact, the two are so different that you can only make a..