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4 Processes That Will Improve with an Upgraded ERP

It may not seem like the best time to upgrade your ERP system, but if you consider the improvements updated software could offer your business, you’ll realize it's actually the perfect time.


Here are four processes that will improve with an upgraded ERP.

Inventory Management

You can organize, analyze, and track sales history and inventory transactions by warehouse and select from actual, average, standard, FIFO, or LIFO costing measures. You can define inventory pricing by customer type or warehouse location with support for price breaks based on quantity, weight, volume, or monetary amount; effective and expiration dates; and promotions. 

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Forecasting and Replenishment

Let the system use its data to strike the right balance between optimal inventory turnaround and maintaining adequate stock levels to meet customer demand. With the system tracking overhead costs and optimal purchase levels, you can combine orders to receive the best discounts from your vendors while keeping overhead costs to a minimum. The system will factor in seasonal cycles, sales history data, and lead time to determine appropriate levels of inventory and minimize carrying costs.

Warehouse Management

The software uses in-transit warehouses and replenishment logic for three-step inventory transfers. You can drive demand backward to source warehouses while tracking the internal supply chain as inventory moves from warehouse to warehouse.  Advanced zone and wave picking capabilities minimize employee movement while significantly increasing the number of orders that can be picked during each shift.

Multiple Returns

Multiple return policies are easily managed through the system, allowing you to determine if return material authorizations (RMAs) are necessary. Customers can return items from multiple orders on one RMA, even if you shipped from different warehouses, saving time for customers and employees alike.

Which Sage Product is Right for You?

If you’ve gotten to a point where everyone is working harder but you're still challenged by not-fully-optimized margins, high administrative and carrying costs, and customer service issues, it's time to make an investment. A new ERP system will equip your management and warehouse team with a streamlined and effective workflow so you can work smarter, not harder.


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