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When Sage 50 Isn't Enough: Upgrading to Sage 100cloud (Sage 100c)

While users of Sage 50 enjoy the ease-of-use and functionality of the system, Sage 100cloud (Sage 100c) offers new levels of capability and the extended features that better serve as a foundational system for growing companies.


This post highlights why Sage 50, despite its strong performance, should be upgraded to Sage 100cloud at organizations that are growing or need to enable more users in different ways.

Give Sage 50 Its Due, But …

Sage 50 has proven itself to be a fantastic accounting system at organizations where 10 or fewer people use the system. They could automate tasks, access audit trails, use industry-specific features, establish workflows, and more – it was an ideal in-office solution.


That being said, today’s fast-growing businesses find it necessary to empower users who work in multiple locations as well as users who are “on the go," and the in-office nature of Sage 50 cannot accommodate that. Additionally, Sage 50’s only database option is a local database, which makes it difficult to collaborate with partners and service providers who need to access company data to make their services effective.

Improved User Capabilities

Sage 100cloud offers easier-to-use features than Sage 50, with:


Sage 100c Cheat Sheet

Superior Functionality of 100cloud

The move from Sage 50 to Sage 100cloud is a move of the entire business versus just an accounting upgrade. While Sage 50 is great for accounting, 100cloud is a true enterprise resource planning system that has, of course, accounting and finance but also manufacturing, business intelligence, reporting, sales and customer management, purchasing and supplier management, and complete inventory and warehouse management.


Sage 100cloud further widens the gap over Sage 50 by adding several major areas of functionality, including:


Simpler Licensing

By now, most organizations have adopted subscription-based pricing for many of their business-critical applications. In line with industry standards, Sage 100cloud makes licensing easier with its subscription-based model, doing away with the outdated format of perpetual licensing with maintenance and support. In addition, Sage 100cloud’s new annual subscription-based licensing comes at the same cost for most customers, making internal approvals easier than ever.


Sage 100cloud is a game-changer for companies seeking true ERP that enables a business to grow around the world or just down the street. To learn more about the new capabilities of Sage 100cloud, contact us today.

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