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The Importance of Field Tracking Data

If data is critical to business, you could argue that inputting and maintaining accurate data is the most important job at organizations that use/manage a company database. A single person managing a database is often more effective than having many people manage the database, as giving multiple users the opportunity to alter field data offers a possible checks-and-balances nightmare.


Tracking field data, however, and altering it in the database as necessary is vital to good data management and deeper business insight – but while having a single person manage the database and track changes offers better quality control, it’s inefficient.


So when more than one person is tracking and modifying data, field-level auditing answers these questions (and more):


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Here are some examples.

Deeper Business Insights with Field Tracking

When dealing with the ERP system your business lives and breathes by, knowing historical values for specific fields offers high-level business intelligence – tracking inventory and price historically, for example, so you can correlate the time of year you sell the most versus when you sell at your highest price. With field audit capabilities, you can run that report ‘on the fly’ versus maintaining it separately in a spreadsheet.

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Who Changed What?

You don’t have time to ask HR who switched that batch of new hires from exempt to non-exempt – that type of field data entry error could cause a compliance nightmare when it comes to Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) reporting in addition to giving your payroll department a real headache when it comes to overtime pay rules.

If your current ERP system doesn’t support auditing at the field level, you’re wasting a lot of time, money, and energy tracking down errors instead of focusing on what you should be doing: helping your business grow. Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) offers a fully integrated ERP that can be configured to provide this information without any customization.

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