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Halloween: ‘Tis the Season to be Extra Busy

There’s an office to decorate, gifts to buy, goodie bags to prepare, parties to organize, and a ton of other to-dos I have written on the bright yellow Post-it note stuck on my desk.


southeast halloween 2.jpgYup, all that AND MORE. It’s that time of year again: the time when I’m tasked with revamping our office to make it suitable for each holiday. It’s tough work, I tell ya; some think it’s an easy task, but let me share a secret – it’s the most stressful project I’m given every year.


“Let’s prepare the holiday schedule, beginning with Halloween in September.” As soon as I hear Sonia utter those words, the hairs on my neck stand up and a cold chill slowly creeps down my spine. This is my cue to put on my creative hat and begin brainstorming more artistic ideas for our office.


As Sonia says, “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team,’” and I’m thankful for those who offer a helping hand along the way. During this time of year, we come together to release our artsy side because it takes a village to put everything together. Our village consists of the following villagers: Sonia – our leader – who says what she wants and gets what she requests. Mike – our handy Mikey – brings the decoration bins from storage and assembles our large decorations. Then there’s Raul – our brave Spidey – who goes up our 12-foot ladder and decorates our ceilings and high places. Adrian – our multitasker – does a little bit of everything. Lastly, there’s me – the mind behind it all. I put my ideas together, create, and see them come to life with everyone’s help. It’s a great feeling.


Click HERE to visit our office on Friday, October 20th 
or Friday, October 27th!


southeast halloween 3.jpg

As nerve-wracking as it feels at first, once everything is settled and complete, it looks and feels amazing.


The Southeast Computer Solutions’ office is known for its end-of-the-year, out-of-this-world holiday showcase, and we wouldn’t be complete without it. When I see the smiles on our employees’ faces and hear comments like, “WOW, you outdid yourself this year,” it reminds me how much this means to everyone.


In honor of Sonia’s birthday month, our holiday madness, and – let’s not forget – my work of art, we’re opening our doors to you and your families (children welcome)! Please join us any Friday in October for our “Trick or Treat-a-thon.” Come in and test your luck by picking up a baggie from our SCS Spooktacular Tub – you could be one of our lucky customers to win a $50 American Express gift card, $50 Outback gift card … OR you may be wicked enough to score two FREE hours of service!


Click HERE to visit our office on Friday, October 20th
or Friday, October 27th!


I hope you take time out of your BOO-sy schedule to stop by!


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