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There's No 'I' in Team (When Implementing an ERP)

Businesses are hiring millennials who have grown up in the age of search engines. Google, Yahoo, online forums, and other internet tools have given them a wealth of information for over 10 years. The amount of information at our fingertips is staggering and allows everyone to become a DIYer (do-it-yourselfer); many millennials believe you never have to ask a person about anything – ask Google, or Siri, or Alexa instead.


While no one can deny the beneficial effect this has had on our culture, we can’t look to web searches for everything – Siri would be terrible at implementing an ERP system, for example. Search engines and automation can provide a great deal of information, but there are still some things that require a human touch.


For a successful implementation, an experienced team is a necessity; you need people with experience in your industry to apply their knowledge, you need people who can translate your business needs into choosing the best ERP for you, you need people who can communicate and work together. Can Alexa calm your team down and make your employees understand that this change is for the best? The implementation team you choose can, because they have the knowledge and the innate ability to guide a conversation where it needs to go.

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An implementation team (outsiders) working with your team (insiders) offers a better opportunity for reconciliation and innovation – outsiders often offer advice or suggest changes insiders may not consider because they’re “too close” to the business. Working together, insiders and outsiders can brainstorm to find the most innovative solution. Working in teams also allows people to share stories – and use them to learn from each other’s mistakes – for a smoother implementation process.


Technology is great, and maybe someday ERPs will be able to implement themselves. For now, though, don’t forget you can’t rely on Google for everything – some things still need humans to be successful. For more information about using humans to implement your ERP, contact us today.


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