Uncovering the Truth About 6 Sage X3 Misconceptions

pencil Posted by Ralph Ceccarelli on January 16, 2017

We love the reception Sage X3 has received from the market since Sage introduced the first version several years ago. Today, thousands of companies are leveraging X3 for their global financial management needs. Several misconceptions continue to exist, however, regarding what X3 is and how it can help your organization.

In this blog, we will dispell the six most popular Sage X3 misconceptions:

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Things to Consider When Migrating Data to an Upgraded ERP

pencil Posted by Hugo Sanguino on January 9, 2017

The “process” of migrating data is as important as the data itself. In fact, if data migration is the process of transferring information between systems, and information is the main asset of a business, we could easily say that the data migration process is similar to physically moving the whole organization from one place to another.

Data migration is an activity with many approaches – too many to discuss, in fact – so this blog focuses on a very specific type of data migration: upgrading to a newer version of an ERP.

Consider the following things when migrating data to an upgraded ERP:

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We're Honored to be a Sage CEO Circle 2016 Award Winner!

pencil Posted by Jordan Berkowitz on January 4, 2017

The Sage CEO Circle is an inaugural awards program for recognizing and rewarding the outstanding performance of Sage’s top business partners around the world. Sage is the market leader in cloud accounting software and announced the winners of this award at the end of November.

A Sage business partner since 1985, Southeast Computer Solutions (SCS) was named the winner in the “Top Sage X3 New Product Sales (#1)” category for North America.

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Customizing Reports in Crystal Reports

pencil Posted by Roshan Hyson on January 3, 2017

Customizing reports are a great way to ease your workload – once you've created the report you need, you'll be able to work with the template forever, altering it as necessary but never having to create that report from scratch again.

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Creating Specialty Manufacturing Reports in Sage X3

pencil Posted by Frank Bernal on December 27, 2016

When you listen to a sales pitch on business intelligence, you may walk away more confused than when you started because, if you’ve been around long enough, you’ve seen many reporting tools – from Lotus to MS Excel to FRx to Crystal Reports, etc. You then hear about other reporting tools that are better suited for reporting financial data versus operational data; all of this can be confusing and overwhelming.

Ultimately, you come to the realization that many tools can do many things, as long as you have the expertise and the imagination to develop what you need. As we always tell our clients, one thing is for sure: if the data has been captured in the system, we can report on it! Here's how to do it in Sage X3.

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Ending 2016 with a Bang!

pencil Posted by Jaleidy Tannenbaum on December 22, 2016

As the end of each year approaches, we always have a company meeting to discuss our accomplishments, business goals, and business strategy for the coming year. All employees fly into town for a week(ish), and Sonia caters lunch every day so we can mingle and reacquaint ourselves with those we don’t see often enough.

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5 Steps for a Smooth Migration to Sage X3

pencil Posted by Jordan Berkowitz on December 20, 2016

As with any transition, doing some beforehand preparation can ensure your organization’s successful migration to Sage X3. Sage X3 can virtually eliminate the need for third-party add-ons and outside software; this blog outlines five steps you can take to get the most benefit from the power of Sage X3’s new capabilities and technologies.  

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Leveraging Sage X3 to Improve Processes in a Digital Age

pencil Posted by Abe Farhan on December 13, 2016

A good enterprise resource planning (ERP) system reseller is knowledgeable about manufacturing industry best practices and has an in-depth knowledge of good manufacturing practice (GMP) to implement the manufacturing and supply chain solutions you need in your life sciences business. In the past, improvement initiatives centered on a reengineering approach that included eliminating, simplifying, and automating processes with Sage X3 being a common choice for many businesses.

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How to Handle Unapplied Payments in Sage X3

pencil Posted by Benjamin Partout on December 6, 2016

During implementations, our customers often present us with the challenge of handling unapplied payments. On a regular basis, our customer’s bank account gets replenished with wire transfers from their customers, which have no references to invoices. Proper accounting practices and bank reconciliation call for entering these payments as soon as they are received.

How can you apply that payment to an invoice after the fact? This step-by-step guide will detail how to handle this wire transfer in Sage X3.

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And the Movember SCS Co's with the Mo's Winner Is...

pencil Posted by Jaleidy Tannenbaum on December 2, 2016

The beginning of December is here, and we’d like to start this last Movember blog by thanking you for helping us bring awareness to prostate cancer. Whether it was by growing your own mustache or donating money, we appreciate you and couldn’t have done it without you.

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