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Nectari BI Paired With Sage 100 Strips Away Data Inefficiencies

Many companies use an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system like Sage 100 to collect and store crucial business information. However, timely retrieval and correct analysis of this data are essential for automating many functions and improving performances. Errors in collecting and analyzing data can lead to flawed reports that might make you take the wrong business decisions. To avoid this and ensure that your company continues to be productive as well as profitable, you should consider investing in Nectari Business Intelligence (BI). 





What Is Nectari BI?

Nectari BI is a next-generation business intelligence program from Tangerine Software. As data visualization tools go, it is a powerful one. You can get excellent results in tackling data errors if you pair it up with Sage Enterprise Management solutions like Sage 100 and other ERP. It will collect and analyze your business information and use that to help your company to achieve stable growth and success.



Benefits of Nectari BI


It Has Enhanced, Customizable Features

The intuitive interface of Nectari BI can adapt to iOS, Android, and Windows devices. You can customize the dashboard, work with pre-built templates, and use a color-coding system to sift through the data. The Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology allows you to view reports, plan budgets, and carry out complex analytical calculations.



It Offers Real-time Information

You sometimes need exact, real-time information to make critical business decisions. Fortunately, Nectari BI has a user-friendly, function-rich interface that is easy to administer and can produce fast results. You can use the Excel Add-In and its in-built Wizard to access multiple data sources in real-time and save yourself the trouble of manual data entries and data uploads. It is an excellent tool for analyzing this data and presenting you with a timely, detailed, and insightful report on your company's performance. 



It Provides Enhanced Security

Loss of vital business information can sometimes be fatal for a company. So, you shouldn't take chances with your database security. With Nectari BI, you get an additional and powerful security layer to back up your existing one. In this manner, you can be sure that there will be no question of any unauthorized access, and your data will always remain protected.



Has Multi-Lingual Options

The multi-lingual feature of Nectari BI is a valuable tool in an increasingly connected world. It allows you to access and share information across different countries. It makes it easier for you to connect and communicate with foreign employees. 



Nectari BI Integrates Fully with Sage 100

Along with having a built-in integration with Sage 100, Nectari BI can also seamlessly combine with most other ERP solutions. It provides business intelligence reports and also uses its data entry and logic capabilities to plan budgets and predict various business outcomes. If you decide to scale up from Sage 100, Nectari BI will remain compatible with you.


By stripping away the inefficiencies in the data, Nectari BI allows you to benefit from accurate information that is relevant for your business. You can use Nectari BI to access enterprise data from multiple databases and data systems.



Nectari Business Intelligence Webinar

Thursday, July 18th, 2019 11:00 am EST


Key learning points/objectives:  

  • Reduce time spent on analysis and reporting

  • Reporting accessible on any device, get the data you need anywhere

  • No need to call IT department to retrieve powerful data

  • Pull out data depending on department role

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