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Make Traveling for Work Easy With Concur

Whether you travel widely for your job or you're in charge of managing work-related travel for your company, you know the challenges that come with traveling for work. Fortunately, Concur was designed just for these situations.



With features that help you communicate with employees while they're traveling and easily integrates receipts and expenses, it's easy to see why Concur makes traveling for work easier than ever before. Tap into this important resource to streamline travel for your company and its employees.



What Is Concur?

The process for booking corporate travel can feel unwieldy without the right tools. Concur streamlines the process by helping a company manage booking from beginning to end. You can use it on its own or integrate it with expense tracking. With all your data housed in one place, you can manage corporate travel your way.



Global Booking Solutions

Thanks to its broad inventory, Concur creates booking solutions that work on a global scale. You'll have access to information from a variety of global distribution systems, and you'll have it all in one place. By giving yourself access to published and negotiated prices along with web-only fares and direct connects, you can make informed choices for corporate travel.



Remain in Compliance

Concur Request makes it easy for companies to enforce internal policies while satisfying external regulations. This kind of travel planning keeps everyone within the company compliant. Concur Request is a customizable planning process for before the trip that allows you to approve, reject, or even request changes.



Insights Create Informed Decisions

Thanks to reports from Concur, you'll have a guide for making informed choices. Concur gives you total insight into your travel spending and can track performance indicators (KPIs). Likewise, Concur monitors trends and comparisons with over 25 standard reports.



Streamline On-the-Go Travel


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One undeniable aspect of traveling for work is that you're always on the move. Concur accounts for this by offering a mobile app that streamlines business travel. In an easy-to-use app, you'll have access to planning, expense reporting, and itinerary management for your employees. This provides the control to manage travel spending.


E-receipts are another component of how Concur makes travel easy. With e-receipts, you can speed up the process of creating and submitting reports. Business travelers can simply take a photo of their receipts, then assign them to line items in their expense reports, and travel suppliers can automatically send e-receipts right to Concur Expense.



Gain Visibility

Even with direct travel bookings, Concur helps you gain visibility. Concur's TripLink makes it easy for you to capture and manage invisible travel bookings. It also includes TripIt Pro to increase your satisfaction with your travel program and make trips visible in Concur.


Business travel can be stressful for many reasons outside of a company's control, so it's important to streamline the parts you can. Concur makes managing travel for work easy.


Features that integrate expenses and booking while making it easy to use while on the move sets Concur apart. Use this tool to benefit your company and employees and make business trips easy to plan and manage.




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