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DFA Guidelines: Design Affects Production Costs and Productivity

There are numerous ways to improve your business processes along with your products and services, but you will be most effective when you consider how product designs affect your production costs and productivity. This is known as Design for Assembly (DFA).


To get you started, here are a few DFA guidelines:

Simplify the Design and Reduce the Number of Parts

Each additional part adds a point of failure and cost. By simplifying the design, you also increase your productivity as the number of assembly steps decreases. This also reduces lead times.

Standardize and Use Common Modular Parts

Modular, standard parts reduce your required inventory space and costs while improving your product quality.

Design for Fabrication

You want production processes and equipment compatible with your materials and production volume. This reduces processing time while meeting quality requirements.

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Design Within Your Process Capabilities

You should never go beyond your equipment and process natural limits. Otherwise, you have to inspect or screen your parts for acceptability, increasing production time and costs.

Orient Parts to Minimize Manual Effort and Ambiguity

Your parts should consistently orient themselves when you feed them into your processes.

Minimize Flexible Parts and Interconnections

Flexible parts make your products fragile and difficult to handle. Interconnections are expensive to fabricate, assemble, and service.

Use Simple Movement Patterns

Simple orientation and assembly movements reduce assembly time and improve product quality.

For more information on DFA guidelines and how to incorporate them into your business, contact Southeast Computer Solutions. Our consultants will evaluate your current equipment and processes and show you how to use them more effectively.

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