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The FDA is Changing the Recall Rules

Companies in the business of manufacturing and distributing food products might know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the process of tweaking the rules under which it can issue a mandatory recall. The agency isn’t making the rules any tougher, just simply clarifying the circumstances required for mandatory recalling. Any regulatory revision, however, underscores the importance of having software and processes in place to ensure recall rules & protection.

For years, food companies voluntarily handled recalling food products if a problem arose. Companies are still responsible for initiating such recalls, but the FDA tightened the rules with the Food Modernization Act of 2011 and now, the FDA has the authority to order a mandatory recall.

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The new revision outlines additional details about what the agency considers in a food recall as well as further explains how the agency carries out a recall. For example, the guide explains that any product manufactured, processed, packed, or held at a food facility that must register under the Food, Drug, & Cosmetics Act is subject to recall. Infant formula, among other things, fall under separate rules and may not be included.


The FDA’s guidelines also clarify criteria for a mandatory recall. First, the agency must determine that there is reason to believe that a food product has been contaminated or misbranded. Next, the agency must determine that using the product is likely to harm – or kill – people.


The FDA is currently accepting public comments on these draft rules.


The FDA’s recall authority is not going away; to protect consumers, in fact, it is likely that requirements will only get stricter. You need to be ready to respond if a recall situation arises at your business.


Luckily, there’s computer software that will help, and Southeast Computer Solutions can help you find the one that’s best for you. Contact us today to avoid a recall tomorrow.


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