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Can Your Business Software Help with Recalls?

The food and beverage industry has specific needs for product safety, and you can't always meet these with general software systems. At Southeast Computer Solutions, we understand these issues and have implemented a solution in the systems we implement for our clients. We recognize that you need proactive programs to limit potential safety recalls and that recall protection is an important requirement for your food and beverage system.


We have supplemented Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3)'s business software to address the recall issue in 3 key ways.

The Latest Business Management Trends in the Food & Beverage Industry

Item Tracking

Tracking ingredients from the point at which you order them from your supplier, through the delivery of the finished product is essential. Each ingredient placed in the system is traceable, from acquisition to the end product. The Sage Enterprise Management system addresses this need through lot tracking. It makes finding each item fast and efficient if any issues or questions arise.

A Record of Transactions

Complete lot tracking of each ingredient creates a record of all transactions in the system. This history is developed automatically and kept as an audit trail. The history of an ingredient or end product is available for multiple years through the Sage Enterprise Management system.

Integrated Quality Control

Regular inspections are an important facet of quality control. Sage Enterprise Management does not neglect this area. The system design integrates the process of quality control inspections with rigorous enforcement parameters in the programming itself. Full quality control is a realized goal in this system.


Product recalls are disruptive and unproductive. Sage Enterprise Management offers recall protection with lot tracking from beginning to end of the process and quality control enforcement. If you would like to explore the options for your company, please contact Southeast Computer Solutions today.



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