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Avoid Recalls with an ERP System


All businesses that handle inventory must be prepared in the event of a recall situation. This is especially true for businesses that handle food, beverages, medications, chemicals, or anything else that could “go bad” and cause people to get sick. Recalls cost time and money, so good quality control procedures and inventory management are essential to preventing and, if necessary, dealing with recalls.


An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system provides the best quality control features and inventory management you can find.

Why an ERP Helps

An ERP’s quality control features, which will ensure that your products meet API, governmental, and other compliance standards, are especially invaluable in the prevention of recalls. You can automate the system and have it conduct inspections that guarantee conformity with necessary standards. When products don’t conform, the system will automatically quarantine those items and alert you. You then have the option of removing them from your inventory or the manufacturing queue, preventing the possibility of selling a defective product.

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Inventory Management and ERP

Inventory management is a fundamental piece of an ERP system. With all of your information stored in a single database and transparency that spreads throughout your entire organization, all departments are “in the know” about what’s happening when, and where. The part of inventory management that’s most important during a recall is the system’s knowledge of the location of your inventory items. When an item is recalled, it is a simple matter of finding the inventory and removing it so that it cannot be used, even accidentally, in future orders. It can also locate any pieces that haven’t been assembled into the whole recalled product, which saves you from wasting time manufacturing items that can no longer be sold.


The single database, real-time reporting, and data transparency offered by an ERP are the secret to dealing with recall situations. When used correctly, their quality control features can help with the prevention of a recall. If a recall does occur, the ERP’s inventory management system can make it a less painful process.


For more information about enterprise resource planning systems and how to get one, please contact Southeast Computer Solutions. Their expertise will get you what you need to prevent and, if necessary, handle recalls professionally.

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