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Southeast Computer Solutions Implements the Perfect Software

When a large, nationally known company came to Southeast Computer Solutions (SCS) in search of a better way to do financial tracking and reporting, SCS recommended Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3). Working alongside Sage Software, SCS employees implemented Sage Enterprise Management at both the parent company location and a subsidiary company headquarters.

Why ERPs are BetterERP, enterprise resource planning

Prior to the implementation of Sage Enterprise Management, the company relied heavily on Microsoft Excel for financial tracking and reporting. The team at SCS knew that with better software and good training, the company could be more efficient in those areas.


The company, which has now gone live with their new Sage Enterprise Management system, uses the Sage Enterprise Management import/export utilities. This feature streamlines both receivables and payables, as it eliminates the tedious amount of manual data entry required by Excel.


Southeast Computer Solutions also implemented the Sage Enterprise Management financial package to give users real-time access to profit-and-loss statements and balance sheet information. With the company’s high transaction volume, it is critical for them to stay on top of cash flow and the real-time access enables this to happen.

Why SCS is Better

Southeast Computer Solutions continues to support both company locations, providing ongoing training as the company grows and staff changes. SCS personalizes their training for the company’s unique needs and as a result, new employees can step into their responsibilities very quickly after receiving training.


For 30 years, Southeast Computer Solutions has worked with companies in Florida, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. For more information about how they can help remove the obstacles in the path of your company’s growth, contact them today. 

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About Southeast Computer Solutions

Southeast Computer Solutions is based in Miami, Florida, and has additional operations in Mexico. For over 30 years, we have positively impacted the success of small and mid-sized businesses with effective business management implementations that improve our clients’ operations. We listen, we are accessible, and we care. Learn more by visiting our website or calling 305-556-4697.


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