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Eric Casal

Sage X3 Logic Customization: Standard vs. Specific vs. Switch

By Eric Casal April 16, 2019

Sage X3 is a powerful development platform with many built-in functions for different modules likes sales, purchasing, manufacturing,..

How to Import a XML report into Sage X3

By Eric Casal August 14, 2018


When writing code for Sage X3, alphanumeric variables must be declared with a size, otherwise the number of characters will be defaulted..

The Vocabulary Function in Sage X3

By Eric Casal February 20, 2018

Sage X3 is a multi-language software – that is, based on user preferences, the screens can be displayed in multiple languages. This ability..

Calculation Capacity Exceeded Error in Sage X3

By Eric Casal September 12, 2017

Sometimes, in Sage X3, the error “Calculation capacity exceeded” appears in a function where a customization was added. The error message..

Automatic Journal Migration in Sage X3

By Eric Casal August 28, 2017

When migrating Sage X3 to a newer version, it’s easy to overlook automatic journals. One of our clients has customized many automatic..

How to Perform Mass Updates in Sage X3

By Eric Casal March 28, 2017

Have you found yourself in a situation where you need to change many records in your database at the same time? Perhaps you hired a new..

Managing Conditional Formatting in Sage X3

By Eric Casal March 21, 2017

Often, when our prospects are evaluating Sage X3 and trying to differentiate it from other competing products, they’re very impressed with..