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Use an ERP for All Things Food and Beverage Related

Running a business is hard work, and running a business where formulas are the foundation of your product is even harder. Maintaining brand and product excellence is one of the keys to your success – all of your customers must receive the same consistent, quality product, regardless of when or where they purchase or consume your goods. With the food and beverage industry saturated with so many options for consumers, quality is a huge differentiator.


So how do you ensure your products are always high quality?

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

With an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that offers automated recipe management. This type of software makes managing the entire lifecycle of your product easier, from supply chain oversight to FDA compliance, reduces errors, and identifies opportunities to improve efficiency.

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Regulatory Standards

Government regulations of the food and beverage industry are complex and constantly changing. Therefore, being able to access the regulatory standards from the same location you store your recipes, manage production, and fulfill orders simplifies compliance. The ERP software also shows you the impact that any recipe changes would have on all phases of product development and order fulfillment, so you can make an informed decision prior to making any physical changes.


If something were to go wrong and negatively affect your product, ERP software also makes handling recalls easier than ever. Because it tracks ingredients from their origins through their end product’s delivery, all items can be accounted for, if necessary. There is also a record of transactions – every step an ingredient passes through is recorded and kept, offering you an audit trail in the event of a recall situation.

Quality Control

ERP software also has integrated quality control. Keeping your product quality high is easier to do with regular inspections; the ERP integrates such inspections with rigorous enforcement parameters.

Refining your processes to create the highest quality product will improve your profit margins, ensure compliance with FDA food and beverage industry regulations, and keep your customers happy.

The Latest Business Management Trends in the Food & Beverage Industry

The easiest way to do this is by investing in a good ERP system that automates recipe management, offers integrated quality control, and handles recalls. Contact Southeast Computer Solutions to learn more about using technology in your food and beverage business.


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