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Just in Time Inventory Management in the Cloud

Just in time inventory management (JIT) has been a commonly-used inventory approach in manufacturing for decades. Also referred to as “lean manufacturing,” the concept is to eliminate the waste generated by having product and raw materials in stock at all times. You do this by having your material and other inventory necessities delivered "just in time" for use. This strategy saves you money by reducing storage space needs and eliminating shipping costs, taxes, and other fees levied on inventory. It also saves time by eliminating the need to keep the products constantly organized.

Achieving Effective Inventory Management

Why JIT Inventory Management?

More companies, in a desire to save money as well as stay "green," are adopting JIT as their inventory methodology. Some businesses, however, have been holding out, believing that JIT inventory control and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems were incompatible. In some cases, they were correct, but with the latest and greatest ERPs, this is no longer the case. Today there are numerous ERP systems that facilitate lean manufacturing, allowing users to benefit from both JIT inventory management and advanced ERP software.

How Does JIT Fit in with Cloud Computing?

Companies are embracing cloud computing in rapidly increasing numbers as the software and services available are maturing in both reliability and sophistication. By implementing a cloud-based ERP and combining it with JIT inventory principles, you achieve the flexibility and convenience of the cloud while also benefiting from the functionality of these systems.


Business advantages include instant access to information via computer, tablet, or smartphone. The software gives supervisors real-time system alerts, expediters can receive notifications of shortages requiring action, and management has the information needed to make production decisions. JIT, or lean manufacturing, in the cloud is a concept whose time has come.


Southeast Computer Solutions consultants have the business experience and technical knowledge to guide you through the process of choosing an ERP, a cloud service, and a JIT inventory system. The result is the exact mix of infrastructure and software you need to be successful and drive growth. Contact us for more information.

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