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How Sage X3 Can Impact Supply Chain Performance

Every business needs enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, also known as business management software. As companies grow, their needs expand, causing many companies to dedicate a team to integrating their business processes into a new solution. Many times, businesses can effectively gather design requirements but get stuck on managing the supply chain. In most cases, people in business forget that inventory is perpetual – the numbers are constantly changing and keeping real-time reports becomes a challenge.


An Overarching Approach

In recent years, ERP has become a “four-letter word” that instills fear in companies because of failed implementation horror stories. Teams need to work together to minimize the trepidation that comes with the change initiative of a business management system implementation. The best way to be involved is to be a part of the business systemization strategy. Additionally, holding only the IT team responsible for this change can lead to a decentralized system with suboptimal results – it is critical to have a team in place that includes all the departments of the business. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, working together and being part of the planning phases will ensure that you are part of the solution.

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Supply Chain Performance

Business management systems can have the greatest impact on supply chain performance. Seeing that inventory management is still a challenge for many businesses, this should be a main focus when looking for a new business management solution. Sage X3 is designed with this in mind. Its core technology and capabilities work well for distribution in the life sciences sector – biologics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, etc. – and has multiple methods to manage inventory. It also manages stock movements and transactions with quality control, technical sheets, and replenishment.

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Sage X3 delivers an inventory management and stock control system, so your team can increase capability and ensure that the solution has the following:


Implementation Strategy

Many users have participated in ERP enhancement projects and, in most cases, the IT team members have fallen short of delivering the functionality required. Most ERP users are painfully aware of this reality – they know their businesses; they also know when business management software falls short of meeting the demands and achieving the goals laid out in the business plan and vision.

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This can be caused by not having a business process strategy development or a level of integration between transactional process – that is, the standard operating procedures and respective business rules. In too many cases, businesses will select only a group of IT employees to implement the solution, which offers subpar results in comparison to a company-side, systematic approach. This often leads to a series of workarounds, last minute homegrown patches, and costly third-party customizations that converted a fine-tuned business system/ERP system into an industry-specific functionality.


The takeaway? You need business management/ERP software, and you need a team to implement it – don’t rely solely on your IT employees. A systematic approach put in place by a team made up of members from every department will increase your chances of a successful implementation.


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