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How Sage Sage X3 Improves Business Efficiency

Sage X3 is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite designed for mid-market companies. Such businesses are taking advantage of the functionality and speed this software brings to their operations.


And now, Sage X3 is even better. Its latest version is more comprehensive than previous versions, with functionalities covering all the unique processes and challenges businesses face – all combined into one convenient package.


Not only does Sage X3 help sales, customer relationship management, purchasing, finance, manufacturing, and warehousing, it operates in a multi-functional capacity, including international operations.

Who Uses Sage X3 and Why?

If you're a business with fewer than 2,500 employees, Sage X3 is for you. The software offers advanced financial information that covers all areas of distribution in a wholesale marketplace, while also maintaining a constant overview of the manufacturing process. You can consolidate financial data, integrate global data, and coordinate international and decentralized units at one time.

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Here's how Sage Enterprise Management improves business efficiency: 

Why is the New Sage X3 Better?

With the updated version of Sage X3, you can maintain a cost-effective solution for all your accounting needs, permitting you to manage processes in real-time and allowing you to integrate management information companywide. At the same time, Sage X3 enables you to monitor all exchanges with customers, partners, suppliers, vendors, contractors, and all other business associates.

Sage X3 Infographic

The platform processes information quickly, but always while completely under your control. With the Sage Enterprise Management system, you can notify a purchaser immediately regarding the status of an account, as well as alert a manager about an order status at any given moment. It integrates the publication of web services in any web application, giving it – and you – the versatility necessary to conduct business in today's fast-moving, online world.

An Ideal Solution for Food Processors

Sage X3 is particularly helpful in allowing businesses in the food and beverage industry to monitor end-to-end production, where highly perishable goods pass through many hands and mechanical processes. Processing plants can maintain constant compliance with the myriad of regulations imposed by regulatory agencies with Sage Enterprise Management's ability to manage lots and support quality, management, and audit control.


Sage X3 is competitively priced for the purchase price and installation fees, and of course, the product is an asset that can be depreciated, ultimately reducing the cost of day-to-day manufacturing.


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