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Sage FAS - Taking the Chaos Out of Fixed Assets

No matter your company's size or industry, fixed asset management is an important function. Unfortunately, fixed asset management consumes a lot of employee time and without proper knowledge of fixed assets and their management, the rules can easily be misinterpreted. The misinterpretations can compound over time, which will affect, usually adversely, effective tax planning and reporting.

Sage Fixed Asset Solutions, also known as Sage FAS, is a powerful, easy to use fixed asset management solution complete with all the features you want and need. Sage FAS automates many tasks, not only freeing up your employees for other important tasks, but also ensuring that the fixed asset management rules will be followed correctly every time, saving you from making mistakes and later spending precious time fixing them.


So what does Sage Fixed Assets Solutions help with?

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Sage FAS is coded with thousands of IRS and GAAP rules and over 50 methods of depreciation – including customizable, user-defined methods. It also includes fileable IRS tax forms and eliminates the need for spreadsheets.


From purchase to discard, Sage Fixed Asset Solutions tracks every step of the fixed asset life cycle at multiple locations. It works with barcode technology and offers the ability to include photos, purchase orders, and invoices in the tracking process.


Sage FAS allows you to track all costs and the status of construction-in-progress. When projects are completed and placed into service, their information is easily transferable. For more in depth viewing, dashboards allow you to drill down deeper into the company records.


Sage FAS offers ready-to-use reports as well as allowing you to customize reports for your unique business needs. You can list up to a million assets, sort lists in multiple ways, and export to a host of other software programs if necessary.


With Sage FAS’s built in wizards, you can set up your system, import your data, create custom reports, and learn how to use dashboards with step-by-step instructions.


Sage Fixed Asset Solutions is the most popular fixed asset management software on the market. It eliminates redundant data entry, increases accuracy, and reduces costs while guaranteeing regulatory compliance; it also enables you to track the full life cycle of fixed assets, construction-in-progress, and inventories with minimal effort.


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