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Is Sage HRMS Right for You?

Sage Human Resource Management System (HRMS), which used to be known as Sage ABRA, is a software suite tailored specifically for medium-sized businesses. If you have a company that employs between 50 and 3,000 people and you want to improve your human resources processes and maximize your return on employee investment, you need to be looking into this software.


Why Sage HRMS?

Which Sage Product is Right for You?

Because Sage HRMS was Developed by Actual HR Pros

They know what challenges you face with HR management and, having “been there, done that,” developed their solutions based on real-world experiences, culminating in a comprehensive set of tools to work with:


Because Sage HRMS is Flexible

They offer you the options of installing the software on site or using it as a hosted service in the cloud; in addition, it works with Windows as well as with Linux, Unix, and Apple operating systems. Sage products are also scalable so that as the needs of your business change and expand, Sage HRMS can change and expand along with you.

Because Sage HRMS is Customizable

Sage HRMS can be used as a central employee record database but can also be used to audit state licenses for employees, verify employment, and handle other personnel information. It also offers the ability to choose how and when reports are made.


Sage HRMS’s features are customizable to increase efficiency and productivity at every level in your organization, so if your goal is to become more efficient at managing all things employee-related, Sage’s human resources management system (HRMS) is the way to go; to find out more about why Sage HRMS should be your top consideration, contact Southeast Computer Solutions today.


About Southeast Computer Solutions

Southeast Computer Solutions is based in Miami, Florida, and has additional operations in Mexico. For over 30 years, we have positively impacted the success of small and mid-sized businesses with effective business management implementations that improve our clients’ operations. We listen, we are accessible, and we care. Learn more by visiting our website or calling 305-556-4697.



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