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Why We Need the FDA’s Food and Beverage Regulations

The FDA Traceability Regulations require all food manufacturers to keep a record via batch number, serial number, and bar code of every ingredient they use in every food product they manufacture, throughout the entire supply and distribution chain. They do so because it allows for easier batch recalls in case of contamination.

Why FDA Compliance is So Important

Though keeping track of such minutiae is tedious and time-consuming, it's an absolute necessity for businesses that produce food and beverages. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs new to the industry to be disheartened when they discover the depth and breadth of the FDA’s reach. Looking at statistics, however, proves that the FDA’s concerns about public health and safety are far from misguided.

The Latest Business Management Trends in the Food & Beverage Industry


There were many toxic food incidents in 2014, including: 

  • bean sprout poisonings – 2 dead, 116 sick
  • chia seed poisoning – 83 sick
  • a Foster Farms chicken salmonella outbreak – 634 sick
  • Mexican-grown cilantro – 304 people sick 
  • Mexican-style cheese – 2 dead, 13 sick
  • caramel apples – 5 dead, 29 sick
  • Blue Bell Creamery items – 3 dead, 10 sick

What Happens When You Aren't Compliant

As you can see, most cases merely make people sick – upset stomachs, diarrhea, and other temporary issues – although food contamination issues that cause death are far from rare. Both can lead to major legal and financial issues. The FDA can fine you, individuals could bring legal action against you, and you could lose profits as well as gain a bad reputation. When the Blue Bell Creamery, for example, discovered listeria in its ice cream, the entire production line was shut down and all products were recalled. The company had to lay off hundreds of employees and is losing money during their busiest time of year.


Food and beverage regulations and compliance aren't things you have to deal with alone, however. At Southeast Computer Solutions, we can help you automate the process by configuring Sage Enterprise Management according to your FDA process. That way, you can focus more on creating quality product than worrying about recalling items. Contact us to see how we can help you.


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