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Why Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) is Ideal for Process Manufacturers

Many types of businesses find it difficult to stay competitive in their industry. A lot of this has to do with not having the right management tools in place to achieve better operational efficiencies. The more efficient a company is, the less money they have tied up in their processes and the more money they have to spend on things that generate revenue, like marketing campaigns.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and Why They Work

What process manufacturers need is a software program that uses a single database to manage their company data: formulas, recipes, batch production, lot control, etc. Older methods using multiple Excel spreadsheets lack that single, integrated database structure.


The goal of enterprise resource planning, or ERP, systems is to manage those process situations by monitoring all facets of the manufacturing cycle, giving you more accurate data across the entire organization. ERP systems will also save your organization time, as important data will be easier to find and will result in faster, more efficient operations. 

Sage X3 Infographic Achieving consistency is the backbone of process manufacturing companies. It is vital to be able to work with varying units of measure, have accurate conversions, and to use those to track the yield throughout each step of recipe management.


If there are recalls, the software conducts forward and reverse traceability for raw materials, ingredients, and the end product as well as for lot tracking, supply chain histories, producers, subs, and processors.


Here's why Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) is ideal for process manufacturers.

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The Sage Enterprise Management Process Manufacturing suite offers a variety of modules designed for accurate tracking of internal areas such as:


The Total Economic Impact of Sage X3

Sage Enterprise Management and Compliance

Many companies also rely on Sage Enterprise Management to ensure their full compliance with government regulations, such as FDA, OSHA, SARA Title III, ANSI, and others.


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