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6 Sage X3 Add-Ons Your Business Needs

When it comes to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, one size does not fit all. That's why Sage Enterprise Management gives you the option to customize your software to meet your unique business needs. A variety of helpful add-ons allow you to tailor this ERP software, so it matches with the technology, services, and human resources functions you require. Learn more about some of the versatile Sage X3 add-ons available.




Inventory and Manufacturing Solutions

Managing inventory can be an extremely complex facet of any business, but Sage X3 offers add-ons that streamline operations. This can help to reduce errors and decrease the time spent on inventory-related tasks. Sage Inventory Advisor offers a cloud-based solution that analyzes real-time sales and inventory data. Procession by Provenio Technology is another option, which helps to manage formulation, regulatory control, quality control, manufacturing, and distribution.


E-commerce Solutions

Sage X3 can help you make e-commerce more effective with their helpful add-on tools. Website Pipeline helps you design, build, host, and support e-commerce functionality and connects the front and back offices seamlessly. XM e-commerce provides cloud-based support for accounts receivable and online customer service. In addition, it keeps you up-to-date on inventory and order status at all times. With High Jump True Commerce EDI, it's easy for suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to speed up transactions across key order channels. Use SWK Mapadoc EDI to get a trading partner communication system that's integrated seamlessly with your ERP solution. 


Business Intelligence Solutions

Make data management and analyzation a priority with Sage X3 add-ons for business intelligence. Easily extract data and design customized reports with Sage Intelligence, or use Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics to integrate and analyze new and historical data. Make sure loose ends always get tied up with Alerts & Workflows. With Bi360, you get a comprehensive budgeting, forecasting, and modeling tool for organizational data. 



Document Management Solutions

Paper documentation puts your business at risk, increases costs, and it makes it more difficult to communicate across departments. Altec doc-link makes it possible to reduce data input and automate the management of incoming and outgoing documents. Sage Electronic Document Management (EDM) - V1 features document management and document imaging capabilities, so you can automate new document processes and archive older paper documents.


Shipping Software

Shipping is increasingly complicated when you're dealing with thousands of orders and multiple carriers. SmartLinc is an add-on that allows for complete visibility throughout the shipping process. It also helps to accelerate workflows, which in turn increases efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.



Retail and Point of Sale

Processing transactions is a critical component for a retail business. Make the point-of-sale (POS) process easier for employees and customers alike with Fusion RMS. This full-feature POS solution integrates with Sage Enterprise Management for more effective centralized management.


Creating an ERP software system that is tailored to your company's needs is easy when you use Sage X3's add-ons. These helpful applications add even more value to the built-in features you'll find in your Sage software.



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