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How Power Tool Manufacturers Can Improve Distribution Processes

The power tool industry is booming, with new tech-savvy innovations keeping consumers continually engaged. There are many different paradigms that power tool manufacturers may use to sell their products. KPT and Hitachi send their products to a distributor who passes them along to retailers. Hilti sells directly to the end customer, while DeWALT uses dealers who may sell to retailers or to customers.





Regardless of the approach, it's crucial for a power tool manufacturer to have a solid system in place for production. This is where Sage EM software comes into play. Sage EM solutions can help these manufacturers improve distribution processes in many ways.



Providing Product Tracking

Sage EM offers inventory management software with outstanding visibility. This allows you to see your products at every stage in the manufacturing process. Sage Enterprise Management offers supply chain management on a global scale, which is particularly useful for the many power tool manufacturers who work with partners in other parts of the world. In a business where you might easily make millions of products a year, the ability to follow these items is invaluable.



Automating Warehouse Activities

Power tool manufacturers can streamline warehouse activities with Sage EM solutions built to automate shipping documentation. This software captures information as it is scanned in the warehouse, validates the data to reduce errors, and generates fast and accurate reports. The software can even provide support across multiple warehouses. Whether you're shipping directly to the customer or using dealers and distributors, the software can generate labels and documentation tailored to your needs.



Facilitating Cloud Collaboration

The power tool industry is built on innovation. From the growing popularity in cordless products to the increased demand for strength and durability, there are many key trends that manufacturers must keep up with to stay competitive in this area. Sage Enterprise Management uses cloud computing to facilitate simpler collaboration. Whether you're working to update your manufacturing processes or you're seeking a more cost-effective way to manage distribution for a new product, utilizing these collaboration tools can prove the key to your success.



Streamlining Growth

Gearing up for growth shouldn't have to mean emptying the company's coffers. Solutions like Sage EM make it easy to expand with minimal investment. You don't have to pay for new servers or grow your IT team to enjoy expanded technological capabilities. This enterprise management solution is made to promote growth, so you can keep up with the growing demand for top-notch power tools without going into debt or even missing a beat in the manufacturing line.


Power tool manufacturers have a complex production line to think about, but you can make this easier than ever with the right enterprise management system. Putting the proper tracking and analytics tools in place will help smooth out any bumps in your warehouse and shipping processes and get your products to the consumer quickly and affordably. Make sure you're using the right systems for the job so you can maximize your profits and make sure your tools can really shine.




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