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How to Effectively Track and Trace in the Food and Beverage Industry

From tracking supplies and deliveries to monitoring safety issues – such as contamination and recalls – track and trace capabilities are critical in the food and beverage industry. Without a good system for track and trace, you can't competently operate your food or beverage company.


There are currently two ways to track and trace deliveries in the realm of foods and beverages. The most common way is barcoding, which can be inkjet, laser, or thermal printing. The other way is through RFID (radio-frequency identification technology) tagging.

Pros and Cons

Barcoding is more cost effective but requires line-of-sight reading from scanning equipment. RFID tags are more expensive to implement and use, but because they rely on radio frequencies, you can scan them without needing to see any part of the physical package.

The Latest Business Management Trends in the Food & Beverage Industry


So, how do these tracking and tracing methods increase your effectiveness?

Better Inventory Control

Both of these technologies improve your ability to break your inventory supplies down into individual pieces. The automation offers better supply chain data for a manufacturer to use at each step in the process, from receiving to shipping out to a customer. This information allows for stricter adherence to company procedures and regulations, as it is much easier to catalog the different ingredients used and the amount used.


In the event of contamination issues, you'll have impeccable records that allow you to quickly provide the necessary information to facilitate a recall.

Stronger Competitive Positioning 

In addition to the safety and accountability benefits, adequate track and trace technology gives you a stronger position in the food and beverage industry. The industry is fast-paced and competitive, and you face challenges that other industries don't – including numerous government regulations to comply with and the high possibility of overstocking products that might expire.


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