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5 Things Your Boss Wants to Know About Sage 100cloud (Sage 100c)

Sage has enjoyed great success among small and medium-sized businesses for many years due to the fantastic functionality and reliability of its ERP applications. With Sage 100cloud (Sage 100c), Sage has raised the stakes in the industry by offering broad and deep functionality at competitive prices. Still, because of the newness of 100cloud, your boss is likely to ask some tough questions before committing your company’s financial management future to a new system.


This blog post poses the top five questions on the mind of SMB executives during the purchase justification stage for new financial management systems. It also answers those questions based on the capabilities and features of Sage 100cloud.

Question #1: Is Sage 100cloud proving valuable to our industry peers?

A simple review of ERP blogs and customer stories reveals that Sage 100cloud has many customer success stories across eight industries: construction, distribution, food & beverage, life sciences, manufacturing, services, technology, and wholesale distribution. Because of the breadth of Sage 100cloud functionality, companies are making improvements in numerous areas. These include sales operations, customer service, inventory management, manufacturing processes, and more. (Consider using this site as a starting point.)

Question #2: Is Sage 100cloud comprehensive, like prior Sage systems?

Without question, Sage 100cloud is a comprehensive financial management system. It includes a wide range of capabilities that enable your business to improve:

Financial Management

Inventory, Distribution, and Manufacturing

Sage 100c Cheat Sheet

Sales and Order Management

Human Capital Management

Business Insight & Performance

Question #3: Does Sage 100cloud offer flexible deployment options?

Every business wants to be agile enough to win business and expand as opportunities arise, which is why Sage now offers multiple deployment options for Sage 100cloud. Your company can start immediately in the cloud, maintain your own on-premise Sage deployment, or leverage a hybrid approach. In all cases, you get the same advanced functions and features that every other Sage 100cloud customer enjoys.

Question #4: What kind of IT or App development resources does Sage 100cloud require?

The answer to this question depends on the deployment option you choose. The cloud-based Sage 100cloud option requires virtually zero IT resources from your organization, whereas the hybrid and on-premise versions of Sage 100cloud require some IT resources to get started.


For any option, however, your boss will be pleasantly surprised at the intuitive nature of the system. In fact, Sage 100cloud customers typically create their own customized dashboards and workflows based on their unique business processes. That’s how simple Sage has made 100cloud’s user interface and dashboard/workflow creation tools.  

Question #5: Is there a local Sage partner that can help us, if needed?

We were hoping you would ask that question! Yes, Southeast Computer Solutions is here to help support your Sage 100cloud implementation. Whether you seek to jump right into the cloud or maintain your own on-premise deployment, our Sage 100cloud experts can provide as much (or as little) assistance as you need. We live this stuff and want to help you succeed and grow your business for years to come.


Sage 100cloud has so much to offer SMBs and does so in an extremely flexible, low-risk manner. To understand all that Sage 100cloud can do for your organization, and how quickly you can begin to realize benefits, contact us today.

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