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5 Sage 100cloud (Sage 100c) Tools You Should Be Using

If you’re a small or medium-sized business (SMB) using Sage 100cloud, you’re no doubt aware how powerful the system is as an accounting tool and overall financial management solution. Still, as we help our clients maximize the benefits they receive from 100cloud, we notice that not everyone is taking advantage of all the functionality within the system.


Here are 5 Sage 100cloud tools you should be using and why they’ll improve your business.

General Ledger

The Sage 100cloud general ledger tool is ideal for businesses that want to forego the hassle of developing their own accounting charts and jump right into operating with 100cloud’s account structure charts. In addition to more than a dozen standard charts, you can easily create custom reports to correspond to monthly, yearly, and/or quarterly financial reporting periods. The tool is designed to help you eliminate double entries and other accounting errors.

Tax eFiling and Reporting Tool

With tax time right around the corner, you can gain almost instant benefit from using Sage 100cloud’s tax eFiling and reporting tool. It automates both the management of sales taxes and general tax reporting. In addition to 250 federal and state tax forms, the tool provides functionality to ensure that your organization remains compliant with current federal and state tax codes.

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Bill of Materials Tool

We find that many Sage 100cloud users take advantage of many inventory management tools within the system, but not everyone harnesses its power for working with bills of materials. 100c’s bill of materials tool maintains accurate reports around work orders while providing functions for planning and managing material requirements. When combined with Sage 100cloud’s material requirements planning tool and work order processing tool, you gain visibility and highly accurate reporting in your end-to-end manufacturing process.

Paperless Office

Many SMBs operate in multiple locations, which means they need to share information between many locations – but paper-based communication slows down business. In contrast, Sage 100cloud’s paperless office tool allows you to email documents to multiple recipients, simultaneously, around the globe. That way, everyone in your business has the latest information on business details, including inventory levels, product serial numbers, shipped goods, incoming shipments, and more.


The Sage 100cloud payroll tool offers holistic management of the money you spend on employee compensation and business orders. The tool ensures that your payments are consistently accurate and on time; it also offers an integrated solution that handles your payroll process. You can track employee hours, establish direct deposit payments, and even file your taxes.

Other Add-On Tools

We’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t note the other great tools you can get as add-ons for Sage 100c, especially the Sage human resources management system (HRMS) and Sage Intelligence. HRMS provides integrated payroll, employee self-service, and analytics; it can also be used as a check on your business practices to help you remain compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

Sage Intelligence integrates Sage 100c data with data from other sources and assembles it into a variety of customizable formats. This enables you to establish a single source of ‘the truth’ that is more easily distributed and analyzed by your employees and stakeholders.

Sage 100c has a lot to offer SMBs that are trying to gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market landscape. We know these tools can streamline your financial management operations so you can focus on winning more customers and growing your business. Please contact us for more information.

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