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Things to Consider when Scoping ERP Integrations

Nowadays, system and data integrations are not new concepts. In the ever developing world of ERP systems, companies often find themselves in need to incorporate other software programs with their ERP system. It is becoming increasing difficult to find one software package that meets 100% of the growing demands of a business. However, there are a few things that should be considered when about to leverage one software solution with another.




Following are a few things to consider regardless to the platform:


  • Method and Protocol of data transfer
    • Web based/file transfer/FTP transfer
    • Is it compatible with your ERP system?
    • Direct link vs. Middleware for conversion


These are important so you can determine if need additional hardware or software to handle data conversion.


  • Automated versus manual.
    1. Will the end user run the process or will it be scheduled to run at a pre-defined time


This is important as it affects the design of the interface.

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  • Checks and balance/data integrity
    1. Will the ERP system be responsible for making sure data is valid and all required setups are in place for successful import?
    2. Sync between platforms --- Is it important?


  • Claims of direct interface from third party software
    1. How efficient would it be if it will require more steps based on promises?


Very often off-the-shelf solutions have the premise of direct interface with ERP, but fail to let you know that there is still work involved from the other end for a successful implementation. This can lead to hidden costs and extended time deadlines.




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  • Speak to your ERP reseller if your accounting software is driving the lead.
    1. Prior to purchase
    2. Keep them involved in discussions


Working together with our clients, understanding their business processes and end goal, Southeast Computer Solutions has successfully implemented integrations between Sage X3 and Sage 100 platforms. Leveraging cost and time with the end result being a happy customer.




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