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How to Set Up Purchase Order Suggestions in Sage X3

Have you ever asked yourself – Do I have a Firm Purchase Order already created for a Product that is suggested? Has the Purchase order items been received? Was it received complete?


Just by changing a few settings in Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) you would be able to answer all those question in your Enterprise Planning – POS grid.






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First you would need to change the settings for Enterprise Planning- This can be done in either:


Setup > Purchasing > Entry Transactions > Enterprise Planning




Or Setup > Manufacturing > Entry Transactions > Enterprise Planning



Select POS from the Left List – It is recommended that you create a new Transaction, as not to affect the standard POS settings-


Purchase Suggestions


Click in the Transaction field and change the Transaction Code – EX.  TPOS- Test Purchase Suggestion-


Click on the Selection Tab – On the line for the Suppliers Orders check the checkbox under Firm (to show the Firm PO’s) and you can check the Planned checkbox (if you use planned PO’s). 


Click Create


Enterprise Planning Trans 

Now go to Purchasing/Manufacturing > Enterprise Planning


Select the New Transaction you just created


Transaction selection


Enter your Site and click on Search


Enterprise Planning TPOS


You will see that the Firm PO’s now appear on the grid –


On line 5- you will see POF>  and a Remaining Qty of 90


Enterprise Planning POS


POF> indicates that the PO is Partially Received – the Remaining Qty is what still outstanding from the PO that needs to be received.


Let’s track back the transactions to confirm the results:


If you click on the action button at the beginning of your line (line 5 in this case) – you will be able to Jump to the Purchase Order.


WO to Process


Once on the Purchase Order – Click the line tab to see that this Purchase Order was for a qty of 190.


Purchase Order All



If you click on the Management Tab – at the bottom you will see that this order was Partly received.






Click on Journal Traceability in the right panel to jump to the Purchase Receipt-



Purchase Order All - Management



Journal Traceability



Locate the Purchase receipt line- then click on the action Icon


Select the Purchase receipt from the drop-down list


Traceability Purchase Receipt




The receipt of this purchase order was for only a qty of 100- leaving a total of 90 still to be received.


Purchase Receipt All




Which is the total remaining on the Purchase order suggestion grid.


Enterprise Planning POS - Purchase Suggestions







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