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Sage 100 for Home Furnishing Manufacturing

The home furnishing industry has grown significantly in recent years, especially as more millennials buy furniture. In addition, home sales are increasing, which push furniture sales to the next level. If you're a home furnishing manufacturer, it's important to keep up with the demands of these emerging trends. Here are some of the ways that Sage 100 can help you move beyond simple accounting software to enjoy a streamlined and simplified system to manage everything from manufacturing to distribution to retail sales.



Keep an Eye on Cash Flow


Keep an Eye on Cash Flow


Sage 100 is designed to meet the accounting needs of your business while also going beyond your expectations with added functionality. In addition to providing a centralized way to track your cash flow, this software also helps to you avoid stressful shortfalls by offering predictive analysis and helpful charts and graphs that allow you to visualize your finances at a glance. In addition to showing where you stand today, Sage 100 helps you to anticipate the needs of the coming weeks and months. Budgeting and planning are made easy when you switch to this software solution.




Manage Your Supply Chain

As a home furnishing manufacturer, you deal with a complex supply chain day in and day out. Sage 100 makes it easy to keep track of things every step of the way, from the materials you use to build a piece of furniture to the location where that piece of furniture is sold (and everything in between). Advanced manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution needs can all easily be handled by this software, which makes it easier for your employees to communicate across departments and arrange for the timely delivery of furniture that's been ordered.



Reporting Made Simple

Need to pull up your current furniture inventory? Want to see how many items you've sold or shipped in the last month? Interested in tracking a specific order to its destination? You can pull up any information you need and quickly get a detailed report when you use Sage 100. This software puts all your data in one easily accessible place so you can always get accurate, up-to-date information quickly. Whether you're putting together a proposal or preparing for a meeting, the data you need is always within reach.



Lot Traceability

Manufacturing and distributing products requires an extensive database of product information. One of the trickiest parts of tracking your home furnishings may be keeping tabs on each lot that's produced. If for any reason you need to recall a product or issue information to buyers, Sage 100's simplified lot traceability applications make it simple to get the details you need to follow through. Having these historical records safely stored in Sage software prepares you for potential inspections or audits at any time.


Get the solutions you need at an affordable price when you work with Sage 100 software. This business management solution may be just the thing you need to position your company for significant growth in the coming years.










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