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SCS Co's with the Mo's are in the Movember Homestretch!

We set a goal of $500 for the Movember Foundation – and we surpassed it! We are very grateful to have met our goal before the end of the month.


For the month of November, team members Benjamin Partout, Fred Reich, Eric Casal, Jordan Berkowitz, Luis Rosero-Barros, Jesús Sanchez, and Mike Nario have been growing their moustaches to help in the Movember effort of bringing awareness the health crisis men face: prostate cancer.


Our team participants are getting furrier as the weeks go by, and oh boy do they look different!

Take a look:


Benjamin Partout

 Fred Reich final-493366-edited.jpg

Fred Reich

 Eric Casal final-577095-edited.jpg

Eric Casal

 Jordan Berkowitz-671279-edited.png

Jordan Berkowitz

 Luis Rosero-Barros-766359-edited.png

Luis Rosero-Barros

 Jesus Sanchez-848084-edited.jpg  

Jesús Sanchez

 Mike Nario-928031-edited.png

Mike Nario


We’re hearing lots of facial-hair-related talk around the office this month, including, “It’s itchy!” “Oh man, he looks like Walter White,” “It’s getting in the way of my food,” and even “Man, you look better with the mustache.”


At the end of Movember, there will be a prize for the best mo – please come back next week after the holiday break to see who won the prize.


Also, please help us raise funds for Movember by donating online; you can also learn about the important work Movember is funding and the impact your donation will have here.

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